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Duplicate transactions logged in bulk entry path


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      REPRO (Rev 12212 and GK production DB)
      Prose repro rather than specific steps, since the issue doesn't have concrete
      repro steps yet. GK has been seeing regular (i.e. daily) instances of cases
      where bulk entry for a center is submitted but rather than just one transaction
      (e.g. one payment) being logged for the center for a particular loan account,
      multiple duplicate transactions are logged (one or two duplicate transactions)
      against the same account. These duplicate transactions look just like
      prepayments for the next installment on the loan, however are not valid because
      the user did not enter a pre-payment for the next installment.

      Additionally, duplicate disbursals also occur, however the symptoms of this
      issue display themselves differently in the DB because the DB enforces the
      business rule that there cannot be more than one disbursal transaction on a loan
      account in some tables. In other tables this is not enforced so there will be
      orphaned records that indicate a duplicate disbursal.

      Attached is a CSV file (and excel file) which show the duplicate transaction
      issue on once center in one branch at Grameen Koota which occurred on June 7th,
      2008. In this case, there are one or two duplicate payments for almost all of
      the accounts in the center. There are no examples of the duplicate disbursal
      issue because there were no due disbursals for this particular center at GK.

      The file shows the output for just the bulk entry transactions for the center in
      the account_txn table. Exact queries to identify this issue and the disbursal
      issue will be provided by GK later.

      Additional information:

      • There doesn't seem to be any pattern in the branches/centers for which this
        occurs. It seems to be evenly spread across branches (and evenly spread across
        those with slow and fast connections).
      • There is no other noticeable pattern that GK has identified in reproducing
        this issue. It varies in frequency but currently it is occurring in one or two
        branches daily.


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