Simple internal ACCOUNTING Module in Mifos | not integration with external systems


Based on accounting team meeting on Dec 6, members of community decided to pursue building in basic accounting functionalities. This will satisfy majority of requirements of small MFIs; more sophisticated accounting needs will be met through deeper integration through an improved accounting bridge with Mifos.

Simple Accounting Functionalities to be built in Mifos:

  • User interface to enter general debit/credit transactions (expenses, etc.)

  • Simple financial reports.

Original Issue:

Integration with other accounting software is not very useful, especially with MFIs which has branches or associations with many MFI s.

What is needed to have Balance Sheet and Income Statement in Mifos?
In my case we just need other non operational expenses: 2-3 transactions + 1 additional account (which I can add myself).

All accounting localization (i.e. amortization, fixed assets, salary, taxation forms) of course will be very difficult to implement , but can we add 2-3 accounts and GL journal ( simple mechanism: DEBIT , CREDIT, AMOUNT, DESCRIPTION or DB, AMOUNT, DESCRIPTION | CR, AMOUNT DESCRIPTION if it community will decide to have a single entry system).

I have heard that someone is working on accounting module. Any chance to see demo, plan, road map or any other docs?




Lukasz Chudy
September 12, 2012, 3:25 PM

Simple internal ACCOUNTING Module has been added properly to Mifos.

It is possible to disable this module by using configuration option: AccountingRules.SimpleAccounting=false.


Michał Dudziński
September 12, 2012, 12:19 PM

Changes from hugo_mifos_acc branch are successfully merged into j-maint/j-release. We had to fix changelog in commit f609379ba96356caff9a2cc27d0153b696b51041.

Jakub Sławiński
June 26, 2012, 9:06 AM

According to the recent discussion this feature is not ready to be published at the moment.

Jakub Sławiński
June 19, 2012, 12:47 PM

Fixed in i-maint branch in the following commits:

  • 19e8e86cb6e1a963ee3ab6264f6379841107d404

  • ff8ebcd7c267e8664ec19ca49d10de685ed07b11

  • 7295aaaf8f12d512153c5202d4551a2bfdefd4e3

  • 1528771b1b34cff099bdbd03748a1aa5a814af1e

  • 7a049959ce6633ea9151d02b4d1dab435f8dda60

Kakhaber Kheladze
January 26, 2012, 4:39 PM

I think Mifos Accounting ( Mifos.A) has to be a separate sub project - users who need it can just deploy (copy) additional War file into APP server.

Authorization, Log, Reporting , Structure can be used from main system mifos.war | mifosX.war

If db changes are requested (I suspect it will be required) there will be small script which will update Mifos Database - but only add tables, views, procedures, etc. Not to change existing one . So system will be fully compatible with Mifos|MifosX migration update procedures

All Client side additions (controls, links, menus, drop down menus, etc) will be placed in one place under the tab "Accounting" .

Any idea on client site usability improvements are very welcome (i.e scrips , gwt, rich faces, prime faces, or some other compatible to current app server library / framework - sorry not very familiar with those things but like gwt very much).

Documentation /manuals are nor required. Instead of them Video Demos will be very useful.






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