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      Ability To make an amount/date/payment type adjustment to a transaction which was done in the past.

      Original requirement:

      "5. currently to fix any old repayment we have to remove all transactions (stack) to get that exact repayment. We want the ability to target a certain repayment directly"

      Original implementation proposal:

      "To make an adjustment to a transaction which was done in the past
      1. The user clicks on a new link 'Adjust past transaction' on Apply Adjustments screen. This will list all the previous payments made and each will be associated with an adjust button.
      2. On clicking on 'Adjust' against a particular transaction, the system in the back end adjust all transactions starting from the latest one till the required payment is adjusted, then apply the later payments again, without altering the financial transactions for later payments.
      a. For eg. 3 payments of 100 were done on 1 Mar, 1Apr and 1 May.
      b. On 1 June, the user wishes to adjust the payment done on 1 Mar.
      c. On clicking Adjust, the system adjusts a payment of 100 with appropriate financial transactions for reversing the 1 Mar payment.
      3. This form of adjustment will not be allowed for loans of interest type 'Declining Balance interest recalculation'."

      I think we can start with the new page and if it makes sense, we will simply replace the old one with the new implementation.


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