Items outstanding for mifos - tally interface


This is just a list of items that should or could be done related to the mifos - tally GL interface that light microfinance will be using. Estimate given is just a best guess if all bits are done.

Once a decision is taken whether to do an item or not it could be broken into other stories if thought better for tracking.

1) Add posted_date index to the light microfinance database (table = financial_trxn). Its just a speed thing not to worry if small amount of data. Worse case it should be added to 1.7 schema. (JPW can handle this once decide to do on 1.6 or 1.7). (kay will create new issue to do this in future release)

2) Report is not localised (has hard-coded english strings). When or if that should be done. (no need, won't fix)

3) Work directory for MFI using accounting export (probably part of Udai's work but just putting here not to forget). Also I've set a 'global' variable for "full_file_name" which is just the file name. Need to change this for multi-user use ( no need now)

4) Currency formating on report is default... isn't based on mifos currency rules. Cosmetic but might be brought up. (below)

5) Validation - currently have to get the date format right (yyyy-mm-dd). Probably not a major issue though.
Could move to a datepicker idea or (more simply) put dates in a drop down list
Also, presumably there should be some ensuring that dates must be before today (it wouldn't make sense to run it until all the days transaction were input). Also usual validation that dateto >= datefrom if entered (below)

6) Where to get MFI name from? It's hard-coded at the moment... but presumably this could be set globally at user login or from the 'mifos' personnel entry (id = 1).. (let's remove this requirement for now)

Note: The report could have been scheduled or run in batch and delivered as an email (but would require work and not part of spec).




Kay Chau
September 7, 2010, 7:08 PM

John, can you look at the new items ASAP, and update estimate to reflect those items?

September 8, 2010, 12:12 AM

1) Currency formating on report is default... isn't based on mifos currency rules. Cosmetic but might be brought up.
I'm not sure about this Kay as I've not worked in the localisation area much (or the mifos accounting rules area).
AFAICS, mifos has AccountingRules.DigitsAfterDecimal which is in the Can't see that would be accessible from the report. Also Mifos has a 'rounding amount' for each currency. They are all 1.0 at the moment and I think that just means to round up.
Other formating like the currency symbol would be based on server localisation settings... right? The currency symbol can be shown (based on server localisation setting) but I wouldn't know how to get that symbol if the currency wasn't 'default'.

Also, the current interface assumes only one currency is used by the MFI... so, if 2 were used the totals wouldn't make sense.

2) Validation that dateto >= datefrom if entered.
3) Validation that no future dates are entered (date AFTER today) in the to or From date fields
2 & 3 - Probably 1/2 day to a day.

4) Remove MFI name from the report (Kay will update FS to reflect this) - no way to grab this right now
simple, immediate change - 0 days.

5) Adding GIT guid to the report footer - is there a way to hide this from the user but for us to know what it is when we get a copy of the report?
I have no idea how to add the GIT guid to the report.

Kay Chau
September 8, 2010, 7:15 PM

1) That's right, for now, let's take these default settings and hard code into report

Digits after decimal = 2

We'll create another card to investigate using shared parameters for reports

Please also do #2 to #4, and we are removing #5 right now. Issue #3633 has been created to address the larger problem of versioning. In the Accounting Integration checklist, I will make sure we note the version of the report we deliver.

September 9, 2010, 12:34 PM

Small changes incorporated:

Amounts are now set to 2 decimal places
MFI name removed.
Validation that to date >= from date if entered.
Validation that no future dates are entered (date AFTER today) in the to or From date fields

Also validation for date format e.g. it has to be yyyy-mm-dd Although if Udai does a date picker this shouldn't be a problem I've put it in as belt and braces.
Validation isn't pretty (if I was a good web page designer it could be) but seems to work okay.

Jeff Brewster
September 9, 2010, 4:53 PM

verified new digits after decimal (2) and date validation using report on testing sandbox.







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