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I wanted to discuss the feasibility of an idea I had a while back that has just come to mind again when discussing client exit surveys.

I think a powerful way to leverage our question groups feature to differentiate Mifos and offer nice functionality that the community can openly contribute to is the concept of Question Group templates available in a Question Group repository or shipped with each Mifos release. These would almost be an a

Knowing that there are common surveys or question groups that might be relevant to many MFIs, we could make available pre-configured question groups that users can choose to enable/install.

Think of it as being similar to Microsoft Templates or Google Doc templates. You can upload the question group and then modify it to suit your needs.

The specific use case that I had in mind now was around the client exit survey - these are becoming ever more important for MFIs in measuring their social indicators and their overall level of client satisfaction. There is also movement to standardize on certain templates. It would be a nice commitment to emphasizing social performance in Mifos by beginning to package up these pre-configured question groups and offering them.

My main questions are:

1) Is packaging these up doable? Would they be similar to the format in which PPI XML Surveys are uploaded and activated as a question group in mifos?
2) What would be best way to ship them? Like we do with PPI XMLs?
3) Is this something users are interested in? What Question Group templates would you like to see? Checklists? Exit Surveys? Performance Surveys?

I'm discussing some of these ideas around client exit surveys built into Mifos and wanted to explore any possible limitations.

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Ed Cable
March 20, 2012, 9:18 PM

Comment from Udai Gupta:

This how I think this can be done. (easy way then XML parsing and
loading to the database)
On a fresh Mifos install, create Questions and Question Groups using
UI, make the mysql dump.

Extract the question groups tables to have sql script which will
probably be called question_group_templates.sql

This sql file can be shipped with Mifos and user can load this sql if
they want to load the templates.

Instead of shipping templates with Mifos if we create a repository
from where user can download such templates then there can be multiple
such sql files where user can choose which to load and which not to

Ed Cable
March 20, 2012, 9:18 PM

Comment from Ryan:

I think the other key option here would be for the individuals to then customize those "surveys" (I can't get around this question-groups name). IE, they might download something and think "This is nearly perfect but I also want to know this and this".

Another way to promote this possibly might be to have funder groups, reporting groups, etc. design their own surveys that they'd like their partners/clients to use.

Ed Cable
September 21, 2012, 5:27 PM

Not the highest priority but I think we get a lot of return out of this and make question groups more accessible and a value-add feature.




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