Verify that with GLIM enabled, user is able to create loan in "Pending Approval" status for two or more clients in the group by designating specific amounts and loan purposes to each.

Test Steps

1. Login to Mifos. Go to 'Define new fee' page and create One-time and Periodic fees if they are not exist.
2. On the Left menu click on 'Create Loan Account' link.
3. Enter '%' into search field and click 'Search' button.
4. Select any Group.
5. On the next page, select Loan product and click 'Continue' button.
6. On 'Enter Loan Account Information' page set disbursal date and apply one-time and periodic fees.
7. Click 'Continue' button.
8. Verify that validation messages related to Amount for individual members appears.
9. Select some members. Specify individual loan amounts and loan purposes for the selected clients.
10. Click 'Continue' button.
11. On the 'Review installments' page, verify installments schedule (check that first installment date is different than disbursal date).
12. Click on 'Preview' button.
13. On the 'Preview Loan account information' page, verify that appropriate values are displayed and they are the same as on the review page and what were previously selected.
14. Click on 'Submit for approval' button.
15. On the next page, verify that 'View loan account details now' link appears.
16. Click on that link.
17. On Loan details page, check that Disbursal date is appropriate. Verify that fees have been correctly applied. Go to 'View repayment schedule' page and check that schedule is appropriate.
18. Go to 'Edit account information' page and verify that information are the same as entered during Loan creation.

Expected Result

The loan account is created in "Pending Approval" status. The list of active clients and the details of loan given to them appear on the loan account.


Lukasz Chudy



Test Prerequisite

1. GLIM is enabled in Mifos DB. 2. Two or more active clients belonging to active group exist in the system. 3. One or more active loan products exist with repayment frequency same as the group's meeting frequency.

Test Data

Clean DB





Test Level