Import Transaction page can be viewed and XLS file with Audi bank transactions can be imported

Test Steps

1. Login to mifos with valid user name and password
2. Click on "Admin" page
3. Click on "Import Transactions" link
4. View page.
Verify that Import Transaction page is loaded.
5. Import test file (XLS file with Audi bank transactions) which imports account transactions for existing clients with the follwoing scenarions:

  • multiple payments for the same client including: partial payment and overpayment

  • full repayment

  • overpayment of the last installment

6. For the scenario with overpayment of the last installment, after import, go to that Loan account.
7. Check that account is closed with 'Closed - Obligation met' status.
8. Check that 'Overpayments' section is present with the amount and 'Clear' button.
9. Click on 'Clear' button.
10. Validate amount input field (empty, negative amount, incorrect amount, zero amount, string)
11. Return to account details page and adjust the last installment.
12. Import another file with different amount for overpayment the same installment of the same loan account.
13. Go to that Loan account.
14. Check that in 'Overpayments' section, there is previous amount and current overpayment amount.
15. Clear both amounts and check that 'Overpayments' section is not visible.

Expected Result

Import Transaction page is loaded and files can be imported properly. Overpayments for the last installment are handled properly.


Jakub Sławiński
February 28, 2011, 2:17 PM

This test cannot be automated, because it is blocked by MIFOS-4651.

Jakub Sławiński
April 5, 2011, 7:14 AM

Since it is not clear how Audi bank plugin should work (current implementation is different than the specification), then it doesn't make any sense to write an automatic test for this now.

Jakub Sławiński
February 7, 2012, 8:10 PM

Hi Karol, can you look at this when you finish your current tasks?





Test Prerequisite

1.The user has to login with valid user name and password 2.The user has rights to define additional fields.

Test Data

Clean DB Build





Test Level


Automated Test Name