Verify Cash Flow Page in Loan Account creation flow

Test Steps

1. Login to Mifos. Go to 'Admin' tab and click on 'Define new Loan product' and create new Loan product with Cash flow and variable installments options selected (set Indebtedness Rate = 100 and Repayment Capacity = 150).
2. On the Left menu click on 'Create Loan Account' link.
3. Enter '%' into search field and click 'Search' button.
4. Select any Client.
5. On the next page, select Loan product created before and click 'Continue' button.
6. On 'Enter Loan Account Information' page fill all necessary fields, set Loan amount = 1000 and set disbursal date.
7. Click 'Continue' button.
8. Verify that Cash flow page loads containing table with columns:
Month, Expense, Revenue, Notes
rows: all the months, from a month prior to first installment to month next to last installment (format eg: March 2010)
9. On Cash Flow Page, click cancel button in cash flow page.
Verify that application navigates back to Client & Accounts page, ignore the loan account creation under progress.
10. Go back to Cash Flow Page.
11. Populate expense and revenue field with alphabets and special characters(except full-stop)
Verify that entered values are not populated in the fields.
12. Leave expense and revenue field blank and click enter.
Verify that error message is thrown eg: "Please specify expense for November 2010", "Please specify revenue for November 2010".
13. In any of the expense or revenue field:

  • enter number more than 10 digits before decimal point

  • enter number more than 3 digits after decimal point
    and navigate to next field.

Verify that error message is thrown, below the respective field. eg: "Invalid amount. Maximum of 10 digits and 3 decimal places are supported."

  • Verify that only appropriate months appear.

  • Verify that Indebtedness Rate. Set Total liability = 5000 and Total capital = 4000. Verify that validation message appears. Set appropriate Total liability = 500.

  • Verify that Repayment Capacity. Enter expense amounts which sum is 5000 and revenues which sume the sum is 10000. Ensure that sum of all installment amounts is 1500. Verify that if repayment capacity is over the required minimum repayment capacity then user is able to continue.

14. Enter valid data in expense, revenue and notes field and click continue button.
Verify that review Installments page loads containing table with column: month, cash flow
rows: all the months displayed in cash flow page
cash flow a month = cash flow of previous month + revenue of this month - expense of this month.

  • Verify Cash Flow summary table. Check that 'Cumulative Cash Flow', 'Cumulative cash flow-Total installment amount per month' and 'Total installment amount per month as % of cash flow' are properly calculated. Verify that notes are still visible.

  • 15. Click on 'Preview' button.
    16. On the 'Preview Loan account information' page, verify that appropriate values are displayed and they are the same as on the review page and what were previously selected.
    17. Click on 'Submit for approval' button.
    18. On the next page, verify that 'View loan account details now' link appears.
    19. Click on that link.
    20. On Loan details page, check that Disbursal date is appropriate. Go to 'View repayment schedule' page and check that schedule is appropriate.
    21. Go to 'Edit account information' page and verify that information are the same as entered during Loan creation.

Expected Result

Cash Flow Page is displayed properly and fields validation is appropriate.


Lukasz Chudy


Deepak Paramasivam

Test Prerequisite

1. Loan Product with cash flow capturing enabled 2. LSIM is enabled.

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