Verify loan product created with default loan amount and number of installments are "same for all loans" can be used to create new loan accounts with the correct default amounts.

Test Steps

1. Login with user who has been assigned the right to define a loan product. Click on the Admin tab.
2. Click on "Define Loan Products"
3. Enter necessary details to create a new loan product with the following specifics:

  • Leave "Include in Loan cycle Counter" unchecked

  • Calculate Loan Amount Min - 1000, Max 10000, Default 5000

  • Calculate # of Installments by Min 10, Max 100, Default 50

4. Click Preview and view Review and Submit page. Click Submit.
Verify that Loan product information is displayed properly with values entered.
5. Create a new loan account and pick loan product created above.
6. Continue and review installments.
7. Save loan and submit for approval.
8. Find loan and disburse the loan.
9. Apply single charge to existing (disbursed) loan.
10. Review installment details.
11. Go to view installment details and confirm charge is part of next installment.

Expected Result

Loan account is properly created and disbursed. The number of installments, ranges, and defaults appear for the loan as per the values put for the loan product.


Lukasz Chudy



Test Prerequisite

One or more clients exist with same frequency as loan product being created.

Test Data

Standard test data with loan products created.





Test Level