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BlockerNew FeatureMIFOS-1Currency & Rounding SupportemilytuckerClosed
BlockerTaskMIFOS-447Process of Bug Verificationaditi_maneshgClosed
BlockerNew FeatureMIFOS-1466need method for configuring batch jobspmqueueClosed
BlockerNew FeatureMIFOS-6046More fredom for Changeing Center MeetingsUnassignedOpen
CriticalNew FeatureMIFOS-14JBoss Connenction Timed-Out problem.jdaileyClosed
CriticalBugMIFOS-43Cannot find server error while doing right click and open in new window for a loan officeraditi_kirancClosed
CriticalBugMIFOS-168Firefox - View Change Log link is not working in the Savings product Instanceaditi_swatirathiClosed
CriticalBugMIFOS-175Firefox - View Change Log does not work in View loan product details pageaditi_swatirathiClosed
CriticalTaskMIFOS-234Showing Wrong disbursement date, if we change the meeting Schedule of Center.aditi_krishankgClosed
CriticalBugMIFOS-275Strange permissions error on navigate to base URLemilytuckerClosed
CriticalBugMIFOS-307A client in onHold state is being transferred to partial groupaditi_swatirathiClosed
CriticalBugMIFOS-399stack error on loadAll for empty databaseaditi_kirancClosed
CriticalBugMIFOS-414Invalid Disbursal Date appears when creating a loan account for a group after changing the meeting dateaditi_swatirathiClosed
CriticalBugMIFOS-1440If data entry is delayed, all members may be marked as in arrearspmqueueClosed
CriticalBugMIFOS-1470After completing PPI survey, the custom field 'Poverty Band' isn't displayedmifosdeveloperqueueReady to Ship / Verified
CriticalBugMIFOS-1929v1.1 crashes under moderate load after 1.5 hourspmqueueClosed
CriticalBugMIFOS-2092Investigate memory leaks with BIRTmifosdeveloperqueueClosed
CriticalBugMIFOS-5098Connection Leak in Batch FrameworkMichael VorburgerOpen
CriticalBugMIFOS-5155Deployment issue in Windows 2008 R2 Server (Perm Gen Space Memory Error - Out of Memory Error)Udai GuptaClosed
CriticalNew FeatureMIFOS-5178Reducing the account number digitsUnassignedClosed
CriticalBugMIFOS-5405Aging in Arrears table inaccuratejohnwoodlockOpen
CriticalNew FeatureMIFOS-5573need a function to delete the data client, it is necessary to remove data when training or fictitious client system mifos trial.UnassignedClosed
MajorImprovementMIFOS-2Default disbursement date to next meeeting dateaditi_swatirathiClosed
MajorNew FeatureMIFOS-5Add surveys module into MifosemilytuckerClosed
MajorNew FeatureMIFOS-6UI to enter GL level adjustments into MifosjdaileyClosed
MajorImprovementMIFOS-7Add "inactive" state to clients and (potentially) groupsemilytuckerClosed
MajorBugMIFOS-47The focus of the cursor after clicking OK in the message box is not appropriatemifosdeveloperqueueReady to Ship / Verified
MajorNew FeatureMIFOS-48Able to shutdown serveraditi_kirancClosed
MajorBugMIFOS-51deleting roles when doing a back in browseraditi_rajendersClosed
MajorBugMIFOS-53Loan business processor comment from peter daveyaditi_kirancClosed
MajorBugMIFOS-55Firefox: Functionality and UI issues with the application when testing with Firefox.pmqueueClosed
MajorImprovementMIFOS-104Search box does not appear in the Change Group/Center membership pageaditi_navitasClosed
MajorBugMIFOS-141Incorrect error while changing statusmifosdeveloperqueueReady to Ship / Verified
MajorBugMIFOS-150Order of error messages is incorrectmifosdeveloperqueueReady to Ship / Verified
MajorBugMIFOS-152Order of error messages is incorrectaditi_rajendersClosed
MajorNew FeatureMIFOS-160Suggestions - Cancel for Historical DatamifosdeveloperqueueReady to Ship / Verified
MajorBugMIFOS-169Firefox - backspace and the arrow keys does not workemilytuckerClosed
MajorBugMIFOS-170Firefox - Fee amount is not displayed in Client/Group/Centeraditi_imtiyazmbClosed
MajorBugMIFOS-176Firefox - Cannot define a new Checklistaditi_imtiyazmbClosed
MajorBugMIFOS-177Firefox - Fee options are missing in define new fee pageaditi_imtiyazmbClosed
MajorBugMIFOS-178Firefox - in fee page backspace and the arrow keys do not workaditi_swatirathiClosed
MajorBugMIFOS-179Firefox - Loan Product Information” Page, backspace and the arrow keys do not workaditi_imtiyazmbClosed
MajorBugMIFOS-180Firefox - Cannot define One time feeaditi_imtiyazmbClosed
MajorBugMIFOS-181Firefox - Two small rectangular boxes appear in the search results pageaditi_swatirathiClosed
MajorBugMIFOS-182Firefox - show a white line at the bottom of the buttons like Submit/Preview/Returnaditi_swatirathiClosed
MajorBugMIFOS-184Firefox - small line appears below the recent notes sectionaditi_swatirathiClosed
MajorBugMIFOS-219Ui Issue - Product Definitaion - Permission ErrormifosdeveloperqueueReady to Ship / Verified
MajorBugMIFOS-225displaying child(ren) insted of children in client details pageaditi_swatirathiClosed
MajorBugMIFOS-230Closing of Group with Active Clients is showing the error message "Action is not Permissible"aditi_swatirathiClosed
MajorBugMIFOS-245Able to add Roles to the Personnel who is in Inactive state.mifosdeveloperqueueReady to Ship / Verified
MajorImprovementMIFOS-267Can't see list of all groupsemilytuckerClosed
MajorBugMIFOS-298Able to create loan product and loan acccount with zero amount.aditi_rohitrClosed
MajorBugMIFOS-301Order of messages wrong in create group pageaditi_navitasClosed
MajorBugMIFOS-308order of administrative fees is changing on page refreshmifosdeveloperqueueReady to Ship / Verified
MajorImprovementMIFOS-325Add "Edit" button on "Review installments" pageemilytuckerClosed
MajorNew FeatureMIFOS-326Create UI screens for defining look-up optionsemilytuckerClosed
MajorBugMIFOS-334Status of client/group should be displayed on all account pages, if status is On Holdaditi_swatirathiClosed
MajorTaskMIFOS-346GL codes for fee should include Income and Liabilities GL Codesaditi_kirancClosed
MajorTaskMIFOS-374Fee Applied to the Customer's Account is attached to the wrong installments.aditi_swatirathiClosed
MajorTaskMIFOS-384sorting of client names as per activation dateaditi_swatirathiClosed
MajorNew FeatureMIFOS-385Hiding links as per stateemilytuckerClosed
MajorBugMIFOS-392adhoc transactions allowed in bulk entry and data lostpmqueueClosed
MajorImprovementMIFOS-393previously saved attendance values not retrived in Bulk entryemilytuckerClosed
MajorTaskMIFOS-396Account activity- Separate entries logged for each meeting even if a single transaction is doneemilytuckerReady to Ship / Verified
MajorBugMIFOS-422Member Creation- The path for the photograph is not retained if edit personal information is clickedpmqueueReady to Ship / Verified
MajorImprovementMIFOS-442keyboard acceleratorsemilytuckerReady to Ship / Verified
MajorBugMIFOS-523Amount of last Group Loan is not showing the proper value as per the functionalitypmqueueReady for Showcase
MajorTaskMIFOS-541Not able to Disburse Loan Account on any date prior to Last Meeting Date.mifosdeveloperqueueClosed
MajorBugMIFOS-542Test Web Link failingjdaileyClosed
MajorImprovementMIFOS-864Manual: Allowing to withdraw the amount from Savings Account for the Client in OnHold state.mifosdeveloperqueueOpen
MajorBugMIFOS-1087Firefox: broken imagesemilytuckerClosed
MajorImprovementMIFOS-1198Allowing to move client to new branch w/o selecting new LOmifosdeveloperqueueClosed
MajorBugMIFOS-1305Can't find newly created useremilytuckerClosed
MajorBugMIFOS-1333Open savings account link should not just disappearemilytuckerReady to Ship / Verified
MajorBugMIFOS-1369Fix spacing & design elements on "Enter Survey Page"mifosdeveloperqueueReady for Showcase
MajorBugMIFOS-1380Should be able to edit report w/o uploading new templatebamazurClosed
MajorImprovementMIFOS-1384Changing meeting day creates two meetings in the same week for the first week.Jeff BrewsterClosed
MajorImprovementMIFOS-1398Holiday once added cant be deleted/editedpmqueueOpen
MajorBugMIFOS-1437If new Kendra added, search index ID is that of the previously added kendramifosdeveloperqueueReady to Ship / Verified
MajorImprovementMIFOS-1486Collection Sheet should display Groups in alphabetical orderpmqueueOpen
MajorNew FeatureMIFOS-1487Ability to default Branch, officer on Loan creation screen, Approval screenpmqueueReopened
MajorNew FeatureMIFOS-1488Allow bulk entry prior to the last meetingpmqueueOpen
MajorImprovementMIFOS-1489Need ability to move a client with savings acct out of a groupmifosdeveloperqueueClosed
MajorBugMIFOS-1497citizenship on test server actually religion. maybe bad default labels or values?aliyawClosed
MajorBugMIFOS-1504Account.CLOSED date not populated when Customer account closedJakub SławińskiReady to Ship / Verified
MajorBugMIFOS-1511misc harmless / lowpriority issues identified by findbugmifosdeveloperqueueReady to Ship / Verified
MajorBugMIFOS-1598FS says that LO is not a required field for new clientemilytuckerReady to Ship / Verified
MajorBugMIFOS-1602Editing survey does not save it with a new version number.emilytuckerReady to Ship / Verified
MajorBugMIFOS-1625wrong message on adjusting an already reverted paymentpmqueueClosed
MajorImprovementMIFOS-1628Add "prev day/repayment date" as Rules for new holidaypmqueueClosed
MajorBugMIFOS-1656While submitting new question in mifos, footnotes in view question page is not displaying properly.mifosdeveloperqueueClosed
MajorBugMIFOS-1698Document - Lookup options not deleting from the mifos UI and appearing in different name if client exists with that lookup option.pmqueueReady to Ship / Verified
MajorTaskMIFOS-1700Changing name sequence in configuration not supportedKay ChauReady to Ship / Verified
MajorBugMIFOS-1707FS should detail perf stats, acct summary should behave in closed--written off and closed--rescheduled scenariospmqueueOpen
MajorBugMIFOS-1709Need better error messaging when deleting report categoriesmifosdeveloperqueueOpen
MajorBugMIFOS-1727Add note to FS note to change the meaning of existing labelsemilytuckerClosed
MajorImprovementMIFOS-1731Filter for BIRT files in upload admin documents browse dialogmifosdeveloperqueueClosed
MajorBugMIFOS-1732Document behavior in bug 533 in v1.1 FSemilytuckerReady for Showcase
MajorTaskMIFOS-1733Refactoring of Report ModulemifosdeveloperqueueClosed
MajorNew FeatureMIFOS-1744Permissions for creating editing questions/surveys not implementedmifosdeveloperqueueOpen
MajorBugMIFOS-1769Existing holiday not updating properly when new holiday record is created with the same prior holiday date with different repayment rulepmqueueOpen
MajorImprovementMIFOS-1792Provide ability to multi-select report parameterspmqueueClosed
MajorImprovementMIFOS-1796database information on system info pagemifosdeveloperqueueReady for Showcase
MajorImprovementMIFOS-1826A notification system for items "pending approval" and suchpmqueueOpen
MajorImprovementMIFOS-1833Branch Report should read arrears aging periods from config file or databasepmqueueClosed
MajorBugMIFOS-1850Submit Savings Account Change Performing BadlyJeff BrewsterReady to Ship / Verified
MajorImprovementMIFOS-1884Date of transaction field is not populating correct date if holiday repayment rule set as next meeting/next working daymifosdeveloperqueueOpen
MajorImprovementMIFOS-1886improve batch job schedule configurabilitymifosdeveloperqueueClosed
MajorBugMIFOS-1892"Permissions-SavingsManagement-CanChangeStateToPartialApplication" permission under "Savings Management" header is not displaying in IS locale language.mifosdeveloperqueueReady for Showcase
MajorBugMIFOS-1896Cancel button label is truncated in define new system user page.mifosdeveloperqueueReady for Showcase
MajorBugMIFOS-1900Define lookup option attributes is not localized correctly with Icelandic deploymentmifosdeveloperqueueReady for Showcase
MajorBugMIFOS-1901In view office hierarchy page submit and cancel but not localized with Icelandic.mifosdeveloperqueueReady for Showcase
MajorImprovementMIFOS-1906Refactoring of LoanPrdActionFormmifosdeveloperqueueReady to Ship / Verified
MajorBugMIFOS-1911Status of Savings Account does not change to inactive depending on the "Dormancy definition" set for Savings AccountsKay ChauOpen
MajorBugMIFOS-1930Final loan installment payment not rounded correctlyJeff BrewsterClosed
MajorImprovementMIFOS-1943rename Mifos Installer temporary directoriesmifosdeveloperqueueReady to Ship / Verified
MajorBugMIFOS-1944In loan product creation pipeline, error message for incorrect installment range is not thrown if the amount and interest ranges are also wrong.mifosdeveloperqueueOpen
MajorBugMIFOS-1977Uploaded admin documents is not displaying in the saving details page.mifosdeveloperqueueOpen
MajorBugMIFOS-1980Customer schedule not updated correctly when group membership for a client is changed to a group with different meeting frequencyAdrian WinklerReady for Showcase
MajorImprovementMIFOS-1981Allow user to move clients with centers/groups with different meeting frequencymifosqaClosed
MajorBugMIFOS-1992dead link for Administrative Document during upload new administrative document previewmifosdeveloperqueueOpen
MajorBugMIFOS-1995Handling additional scenarios for loan defaults based on previous loansmifosdeveloperqueueClosed
MajorBugMIFOS-2005Setting Min/Max days between disbursal and first repayment is not optionalmifosdeveloperqueueOpen
MajorBugMIFOS-2008Send email option in BIRT viewer needs better pdf namemifosdeveloperqueueClosed
MajorBugMIFOS-2024Rounding a loan's payments may produce slightly incorrect fee payment schedules for loans with two or more account fees.mifosdeveloperqueueOpen
MajorImprovementMIFOS-2045Add option to display system date and timemifosdeveloperqueueReady for Showcase
MajorBugMIFOS-2046Branch progress report lacks "all" option for selection of branchmifosdeveloperqueueClosed
MajorImprovementMIFOS-2048Collection Sheet report generates message box when date parameter is blankmifosdeveloperqueueClosed
MajorBugMIFOS-2086Redo loan disbursal not allowed if date is same day as client creationmifosdeveloperqueueClosed
MajorBugMIFOS-2109Remove GLIM-specific individual loans from being accessed in these placesmifosdeveloperqueueClosed
MajorBugMIFOS-2120When editing an active GLIM loan, user can click on select all check box and remove checkboxes for other usersmifosdeveloperqueueReady for Showcase
MajorBugMIFOS-2122Edit loan account information allows edit of Grace period when application is approved.mifosdeveloperqueueReady for Showcase
MajorBugMIFOS-2204Re-introduce Portfolio At Risk for centersmifosdeveloperqueueOpen
MajorBugMIFOS-2226value for FiscalCalendarRules.ScheduleMeetingIfNonWorkingDay defaults to next_meeting_or_repayment regardless of changespmqueueOpen
MajorBugMIFOS-2232Incorrect PPI response value in PPI India questionUdai GuptaClosed
MajorBugMIFOS-2240Fees with more precision than rounding rules cause problems with adjustmentsmifosdeveloperqueueOpen
MajorBugMIFOS-2246Label for Savings GL code on interest says "GL code for"mifosdeveloperqueueClosed
MajorTaskMIFOS-2319Add id tags to CentersmifosdeveloperqueueClosed
MajorTaskMIFOS-2322Add id tags to Fees and FundsmifosdeveloperqueueClosed
MajorTaskMIFOS-2332Add id tags to Savings modulemifosdeveloperqueueClosed
MajorBugMIFOS-2335Determine upgrade path for MifosKay ChauReady for Showcase
MajorBugMIFOS-2343FIREFOX: Collection Sheet report does not work for Firefox 3.xmifosdeveloperqueueClosed
MajorImprovementMIFOS-2361Add in some vertical dividers for Collection Sheet DatamifosdeveloperqueueOpen
MajorImprovementMIFOS-2392Add print option to Collection Sheet EntrymifosdeveloperqueueOpen
MajorBugMIFOS-2398Recurring Fees part of Loan Product not showing up on Collection Sheet ReportmifosdeveloperqueueOpen
MajorTaskMIFOS-2407Change config policy on defaults: Mifos users should be implicit in their configurationsRyan WhitneyClosed
MajorImprovementMIFOS-2428Mifos still runs with invalid financial action mappings, causing runtime errorsmifosdeveloperqueueOpen
MajorImprovementMIFOS-2431Add in ability for BIRT to use db connection parameters from within MifosmifosdeveloperqueueClosed
MajorImprovementMIFOS-2439Include default and custom property sources on System Info pagemifosdeveloperqueueOpen
MajorImprovementMIFOS-2445automate pseudolocalizationAdam MonsenReady for Showcase
MajorBugMIFOS-2451Performance history doesn't decrement all payments on adjustmentmifosdeveloperqueueReady for Showcase
MajorImprovementMIFOS-2468Add ability to set the due date for Fees independent of meeting schedulemifosdeveloperqueueOpen
MajorImprovementMIFOS-2501Add min and max date range to Loan Product definitionmifosdeveloperqueueOpen
MajorImprovementMIFOS-2511When database rollback occurs during collection sheet entry, redirect the user to the preview page so they can review errors and resubmitmifosdeveloperqueueOpen
MajorBugMIFOS-2512Newly added permission from upgrade is not enabled by default for AdminmifosdeveloperqueueReady for Showcase
MajorImprovementMIFOS-2554report installed/loaded plugins and versions on system information pagemifosdeveloperqueueClosed
MajorBugMIFOS-2557External Id not enforced as uniquemifosdeveloperqueueOpen
MajorBugMIFOS-2565Overpayment overshadows later valid payment for same loanmifosdeveloperqueueOpen
MajorImprovementMIFOS-2598Move GLIM to custom properties, view org settingsmifosdeveloperqueueClosed
MajorBugMIFOS-2637Custom properties outside of allowed range are ignored during application startup. mifosdeveloperqueueOpen
MajorBugMIFOS-2697Mifos allows holidays to overlap, causing unpredictable behaviorKay ChauOpen
MajorBugMIFOS-2699Collection Sheet Entry not enforcing zero DigitsAfterDecimal propertyKay ChauOpen
MajorImprovementMIFOS-2700When multiple currencies are set, give the user a warning if using Collection Sheet Entry on a bad centermifosdeveloperqueueOpen
MajorImprovementMIFOS-2730Allow more fields to be mandatoryMohammad ShahiduzzamanReady for Showcase
MajorBugMIFOS-2768Bizarrely incorrect change log when GLIM loan editsmifosdeveloperqueueOpen
MajorImprovementMIFOS-2769external id should be uniqueKay ChauOpen
MajorBugMIFOS-2807User cannot enter in transactions for client even though they have authority to do so.mifosdeveloperqueueClosed
MajorImprovementMIFOS-2808GLIM: Min/max loan amounts should be per-individualmifosdeveloperqueueOpen
MajorImprovementMIFOS-2885Reduce/Remove batch constraints on 24x7 mifos operation (use system if batch jobs running)johnwoodlockOpen
MajorBugMIFOS-2891Upgrade238 for adding RepaymentRule-RepaymentMoratorium have missed adding LOOKUP_VALUE_LOCALE entrymifosdeveloperqueueReady for Showcase
MajorNew FeatureMIFOS-2934Give ability to create pending approval loans for clients that aren't approved.mifosdeveloperqueueClosed
MajorEpicMIFOS-2997Refactoring of loan and savings accountsKay ChauClosed
MajorBugMIFOS-3066Branch cash confirmation report does not works with shipped warmifosdeveloperqueueClosed
MajorStoryMIFOS-3175Specify DEFAULT VALUE QuestionsmifosdeveloperqueueClosed
MajorNew FeatureMIFOS-3304Allow application of Upfront Loan Fees that are based on the outstanding loan amountpmqueueOpen
MajorBugMIFOS-3479account_state_change_history and account tables not correctly updated when loan adjustments are madejohnwoodlockClosed
MajorNew FeatureMIFOS-3500Split rights for CSE into ability to enter collections and ability to disburse loansKay ChauClosed
MajorNew FeatureMIFOS-3652Improvement for Accounting integration - Add ability to map GL codes from Mifos to Accounting systemKrishnan ManiOpen
MajorEpicMIFOS-3674Service Facades + FTL projectpmqueueReopened
MajorTaskMIFOS-3957Develop automated tests for savings interest calculation refactoringKojo Gambrah-SampaneyClosed
MajorNew FeatureMIFOS-3985Add loan Category At the time DisbursementmifosdeveloperqueueOpen
MajorNew FeatureMIFOS-4029Order of fields in forms for creating new clients, groups, etc. should be configurablemifosdeveloperqueueOpen
MajorBugMIFOS-4078re-activating same PPI survey question group makes new question group with same title but re-uses existing questionsmifosdeveloperqueueOpen
MajorImprovementMIFOS-4082Batch job execution should use Date from org.mifos.framework.components.batchjobs.TaskHelper.execute(long timeInMillis) , Not the system datemifosdeveloperqueueOpen
MajorImprovementMIFOS-4089Add more fields for Receipt ID and Receipt DatepmqueueOpen
MajorImprovementMIFOS-4090Distinguishing Withdrawal typespmqueueOpen
MajorImprovementMIFOS-4118Displaying Receipt Detail in UIEd CableOpen
MajorEpicMIFOS-4218Seamless database upgrade of Mifos deploymentsTejus DattaReady for Showcase
MajorBugMIFOS-4277ES, FR, and ZH-CN: Strings across Create Loan Account, Client, Group etc show English and localized textmifosdeveloperqueueReopened
MajorBugMIFOS-4323Loan pages not encoded properly when Mifos is deployed on WindowsUnassignedOpen
MajorImprovementMIFOS-4342Migrate to stronger password storage mechanism, resistant to modern cracking techniquesmifosdeveloperqueueReopened
MajorBugMIFOS-4344Group Savings with individual contributions is collecting deposits from individuals and not groupsKay ChauOpen
MajorNew FeatureMIFOS-4366Facility to move members, groups and centers without having to close active loansmifosdeveloperqueueOpen
MajorStoryMIFOS-4465Finish Spring/ftl implementation of Loan Product functionality in admin areaUnassignedOpen
MajorStoryMIFOS-4551Add support for mysql 5.5Kay ChauOpen
MajorImprovementMIFOS-4579Add ability to move loan back to "Pending Approval" state after approvedmifosdeveloperqueueOpen
MajorBugMIFOS-4659transaction history total inconsistent with repayment schedule on completed loanmifosdeveloperqueueOpen
MajorStoryMIFOS-4685As a Mifos user, I want to have the View Loan Account Details page converted to FTLmifosdeveloperqueueClosed
MajorStoryMIFOS-4686convert Disburse Loan flow to SpringMVC/FreemarkermifosdeveloperqueueClosed
MajorStoryMIFOS-4687As a Mifos user, I want to have the Edit Loan Account Status flow converted to FTLStanley KwokClosed
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