Version Release E - Iteration 4


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Released: 13/Aug/10

Release Notes

BlockerBugMIFOS-3501Double byte input corrupted in 1.6Udai GuptaClosed
MajorBugMIFOS-1574When redoing loan, Disbursal date shouldn't default to today's datekreinmClosed
MajorImprovementMIFOS-3047Fix integration tests after changing hibernate connection release mode to "auto"Shahzada HatimClosed
MajorBugMIFOS-3132Receipt ID is not inserted in the database if the user do not specify the receipt dateUdai GuptaClosed
MajorStoryMIFOS-3169EDIT QuestionJeff BrewsterClosed
MajorStoryMIFOS-3170EDIT Question responseJeff BrewsterClosed
MajorStoryMIFOS-3171Capture Response on Create LoanJeff BrewsterClosed
MajorStoryMIFOS-3173XML upload for PPI Question GroupKalyan AkellaClosed
MajorStoryMIFOS-3176SMART SELECT question responseJeff BrewsterClosed
MajorStoryMIFOS-3320Replace view holiday link in admin with ftl/spring/service facade implementationmifosqaClosed
MajorStoryMIFOS-3324remove jsp/struts implementation of Admin/Define mandatory/hidden fields in place of freemarker/spring implementationmifosqaClosed
MajorStoryMIFOS-3327Create a service facade for Admin/ShutdownJakub SławińskiClosed
MajorStoryMIFOS-3329Replace struts/jsp implementation of product mix links by using freemarker/spring and servicefacademifosqaClosed
MajorStoryMIFOS-3431Capture Response on Create GroupJeff BrewsterClosed
MajorStoryMIFOS-3435Capture Response to QG after first page in Create ClientJeff BrewsterClosed
MajorStoryMIFOS-3484update PP test server to v1.6 so they can review latest translationsVan Mittal-HenkleClosed
MinorBugMIFOS-2073Reverse loan search should trim leading spacesUdai GuptaClosed
MinorImprovementMIFOS-2857Utility class DbUnitDataImportExport should import and export zipped DBUnit datasetsKojo Gambrah-SampaneyReady for Showcase
MinorImprovementMIFOS-3040Replace struts/jsp implementation of funds links by using freemarker/spring and servicefacademifosqaClosed
MinorTaskMIFOS-3114Configure test instance of KMBI Reporting ServerAdam MonsenClosed
MinorDev TaskMIFOS-3197verify multi-tenancy or spin up new Pentaho server(s)Adam MonsenClosed
MinorDev TaskMIFOS-3210only serve HTTPS requests (force SSL)Adam MonsenClosed
MinorImprovementMIFOS-3284Remove ProcessFlow.LoanDisbursedToLoanOfficerStateEnabled property from mifos and config guideUdai GuptaClosed
MinorBugMIFOS-3368Security: Fine Grained Permission for Viewing Organization Settings Is not usedmifosqaClosed
MinorStoryMIFOS-3380create a static define accepted Payment Types ftl pageHariPriya KClosed
MinorBugMIFOS-3382" Amount is invalid because Got exception " on GLIM edit account informationUdai GuptaClosed
MinorImprovementMIFOS-3467Get the dynamic data into defineAcceptedPayments using servicefacade and also use macro for select tagvishnu kmitClosed
MinorStoryMIFOS-3470create a static editAdditionalFields ftl pageHariPriya KClosed
MinorStoryMIFOS-3475create a static productCategoryDetails ftl pageHariPriya KClosed
MinorImprovementMIFOS-3477display friendly database versionKojo Gambrah-SampaneyReady for Showcase
MinorTaskMIFOS-3508Run Savings cleanup script on SECDEP's Production ServerUdai GuptaClosed
MinorBugMIFOS-3512Login page not centered in IEHariPriya KClosed
MinorBugMIFOS-3513Blank input allowed on Define Labels freemarker pagemifosqaClosed
MinorTaskMIFOS-3515Cleanup secdep database for wrong balance in savings_trxn_detail for interest postings Udai GuptaReady for Showcase
MinorTaskMIFOS-3525Cleanup secdep database for wrong dates in ACCOUNT_TRXN.ACTION_DATE due to interest posting batch job failureUdai GuptaClosed
MinorStoryMIFOS-3538Tally Integration: Spike generating XML using Freemarker triggered from a Pentaho report with dummy data as from ETL and drop XML file in a location end user can accessUdai GuptaClosed
MinorTaskMIFOS-3551Set up SSL for MySQL database(s) hit by Pentaho reportsAdam MonsenClosed
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