Version Release G - Iteration 8


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Released: 03/Jun/11

Release Notes

BlockerBugMIFOS-5029Unable to redo Group Loan account with GLIM offmifosqaClosed
CriticalBugMIFOS-4938Ensure Redo Loan works in non english locale in GmifosqaReady to Ship / Verified
CriticalBugMIFOS-5035Interest calculation for variable installment loans differs in G from FKay ChauReady to Ship / Verified
MajorBugMIFOS-2222GLIM: When looking at GLIM detail page, Participating Client ID's aren't fully displayedmifosqaClosed
MajorImprovementMIFOS-2968Spring UI spikemifosqaReady to Ship / Verified
MajorDev TaskMIFOS-4394Eclipse Workspace with individual projects for Maven modules (instead of current one big project)Michael VorburgerReady to Ship / Verified
MajorDev TaskMIFOS-4410Embedded Server, for simpler & faster WorkspaceMichael VorburgerReady to Ship / Verified
MajorBugMIFOS-4658Lost all values in edit Cash Flow details Kay ChauClosed
MajorStoryMIFOS-4684As a Mifos user, I want to have the Create Loan workflow converted to FTLmifosqaClosed
MajorImprovementMIFOS-4775Allow client to have loans of different frequenciesmifosqaClosed
MajorBugMIFOS-4844Validation not handled properly on change password for first time login after New User creationŁukasz DomżalskiReady to Ship / Verified
MajorStoryMIFOS-4952As a Mifos user, I want to have the Redo Loan (create back dated loan) workflow converted to FTLmifosqaClosed
MajorBugMIFOS-4957Schedule for Declining Balance, Variable Installment don't match Declining Balance, Non-Variable Installment Loans in 2.1mifosqaClosed
MajorBugMIFOS-4995It is possible to attach administrative fees with the types 'Fee as a % of interest' and 'Fee as a % of interest + loan amount' to Loan product with Variable InstallmentsmifosqaClosed
MajorBugMIFOS-4997Unable to Redo Loan or create Loan with Variable installments in French, Spanish and Chinese locale because of wrong date format on 'Review installments' pagemifosqaClosed
MajorBugMIFOS-5022Impossible to change dates on 'Review Installments' page during the Redo Loan or Create new Loan account flows in French and Chinese localemifosqaClosed
MajorBugMIFOS-5027Dates are not properly moved after changing disbursal date when Repayment day is set as 'Day 1 of every 1 month (s)'mifosqaReady to Ship / Verified
MajorBugMIFOS-5033Redo Loan flow fails with loan product having periodic feeKojo Gambrah-SampaneyClosed
MajorBugMIFOS-5036When loan purposes are not selected for every available GLIM client then Loan Purpose is disappearing after clicking 'Continue' buttonmifosqaReady to Ship / Verified
MajorBugMIFOS-5037No validation for mandatory 'Loan Purpose' field when GLIM is onmifosqaReady to Ship / Verified
MinorBugMIFOS-3533Label changes for clients, groups and centers is not carried over to the Loan and Savings product creation workflowmifosdeveloperqueueReady to Ship / Verified
MinorBugMIFOS-4141Month names in loan schedule not internationalizedmifosqaReady to Ship / Verified
MinorBugMIFOS-4245FR: {0} is part of string on Admin, Manage Accounts section Kay ChauReady to Ship / Verified
MinorBugMIFOS-4266ES and FR: Concatenated strings form improperly translated messageKay ChauReady to Ship / Verified
MinorStoryMIFOS-4286Add timestamps to mifos tables to benefit ETL incremental updatesjohnwoodlockReady to Ship / Verified
MinorBugMIFOS-4348Firefox: Chinese log on screen - text needs to be realignedmifosqaClosed
MinorDev TaskMIFOS-4568make sure integration tests can still be run individuallyMichael VorburgerReady to Ship / Verified
MinorImprovementMIFOS-4700Removing currency indexes from schedule tablesjohnwoodlockReady to Ship / Verified
MinorImprovementMIFOS-4790use favicon from in MifosLukasz ChudyReady to Ship / Verified
MinorBugMIFOS-4861On several pages, 'Add' and 'Remove' buttons are not translatable into French, Spanish and ChineseAdam MonsenReady to Ship / Verified
MinorBugMIFOS-4871Failing acceptance tests due to development work around Loan UI ConversionmifosqaReady to Ship / Verified
MinorBugMIFOS-4890Missing translation of an error message while trying to create question without title on 'Add New Question Group' pagePiotr BogaczReady to Ship / Verified
MinorBugMIFOS-4899Loan creation: Preview screen shows fees that are removed by usermifosqaReady to Ship / Verified
MinorImprovementMIFOS-4945Removing currency indexes from trxn tablesjohnwoodlockReady to Ship / Verified
MinorBugMIFOS-4982Fix failing acceptance tests related to FTL Loan creationPiotr BogaczReady to Ship / Verified
MinorBugMIFOS-4992No validation for empty 'Total' field on 'Review installments' page during the creation of Loan account from Loan product with Variable Installments mifosqaClosed
MinorBugMIFOS-4996Innapropriate name of approval buttons for Loan and Savings when 'ProcessFlow.LoanPendingApprovalStateEnabled=false' and 'ProcessFlow.SavingsPendingApprovalStateEnabled=false' options are set in custom properties file mifosqaClosed
MinorBugMIFOS-5002Month names in date picker are not translatable during the Redo Loan and Create new Loan flowsmifosqaClosed
MinorBugMIFOS-5007No validation for empty 'Total' and 'Amount Paid' fields on 'Review installments' page during the Redo Loan accountmifosqaClosed
MinorBugMIFOS-5018Rename GLIM Loan Creation Section title from Loan Account Details to Individual DetailsmifosqaClosed
MinorBugMIFOS-5019Individual with amount 0 should not be allowed in GLIM loanmifosqaClosed
MinorBugMIFOS-5025Incorrect error messages on 'Review installments' pagemifosqaClosed
MinorBugMIFOS-5028Improve Cash Flow Error messagesmifosqaClosed
MinorStoryMIFOS-5034Update 2.1.x branch schema and build numbers to say 2.1.3Van Mittal-HenkleReady to Ship / Verified
TrivialImprovementMIFOS-3924two copies of maincss.css exist -- Delete oneUdai GuptaReady to Ship / Verified
TrivialBugMIFOS-4826Incorrect validation message for additional fee with amount calculated by % of an Loan Amount on 'Enter Loan account information' page (during Loan creation)mifosqaReady to Ship / Verified
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