Version 2.3.0-M7


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Released: 29/Feb/12

Release Notes

BlockerBugMIFOS-5435Front Page shows "????" in any unicode based languageJakub SławińskiReady to Ship / Verified
MajorImprovementMIFOS-2548when redoing a loan, the payment type is fixed as CASHJakub SławińskiReady for Showcase
MajorImprovementMIFOS-3849When doing a writeoff transaction, system does not allow backdating of transactionsJakub SławińskiReady for Showcase
MajorImprovementMIFOS-5375Transaction date at writing off/repaying a loanJakub SławińskiReady for Showcase
MajorStoryMIFOS-5384Ability to view the applied penalty as part of the loan repayment schedule in the Penalty column Łukasz LewczyńskiReady for Showcase
MajorStoryMIFOS-5385Ability to make payments for penalty using collection sheet or apply payment optionŁukasz LewczyńskiReady for Showcase
MajorNew FeatureMIFOS-5446Option to store client images in a databasePaweł GesekReady for Showcase
MajorBugMIFOS-5449Unable to search Clients while redoing LoanJakub SławińskiReady for Showcase
MinorImprovementMIFOS-3355Allow backdating of Repay LoanJakub SławińskiReady for Showcase
MinorBugMIFOS-4200On View System Information page, Database Parameter Source should be indentedAndrew HReady for Showcase
MinorBugMIFOS-4651AudiBankXlsImporter: Validation of the account ID is different than the documentationLukasz ChudyReady for Showcase
MinorBugMIFOS-4795status text missing during approve loan flow preview stepJakub SławińskiReady for Showcase
MinorTaskMIFOS-5391Update documentation about Audi Bank importLukasz ChudyReady for Showcase
MinorBugMIFOS-5420Radio buttons for selecting Loan Amount/Installments calculation method are not selected by default on 'Define new Loan Product' pageKamil KalfasReady for Showcase
MinorBugMIFOS-5421'Mandatory amount for deposit' and 'Max amount per withdrawal' fields are not respecting number of digits before/after decimal specified in configurationKamil KalfasReady for Showcase
MinorBugMIFOS-5427Thousand separtor is not displayed on Collection Sheet entry pageBeqaReady for Showcase
MinorDev TaskMIFOS-5439Mobile version of the clients and accounts pageMichał DudzińskiReady for Showcase
MinorBugMIFOS-5441Validation in REST Api methods is not working properly after upgrading Spring to 3.1.0Udai GuptaReady for Showcase
MinorNew FeatureMIFOS-5442Add import of database connection parameters from system variable Paweł GesekReady for Showcase
TrivialBugMIFOS-5445Remove unnecessary dots after heading names on 'Define new Loan product' pageNatalia SzpręgaReady for Showcase
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