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  • [MIFOS2X-1585] - Shouldnt allow a field to be both "mandatory" and "hidden"
  • [MIFOS2X-2112] - Searching for a GLIM Individual Loan Account # crashes Mifos
  • [MIFOS2X-3610] - UserContext.userGlobalNo does not get populated
  • [MIFOS2X-4630] - Incorrect error message while disbursing second Loan
  • [MIFOS2X-4900] - Error page with stack trace appears after entering chars into number field on Question Group page during Savings account creation
  • [MIFOS2X-5005] - Misleading error message when disbursing 2nd loan for the same product (1st loan is still active)
  • [MIFOS2X-5032] - Incorrect error message during client creation when combination of the specified Date of Birth and name already exists in the application
  • [MIFOS2X-5074] - No validation for Amount field on 'Apply charges' page after selecting fees of type: '% Loan Amount+Interest' and '% Interest'
  • [MIFOS2X-5075] - No validation for 'Grace period for repayments' field on 'Enter Loan account information' page
  • [MIFOS2X-5076] - Page with Stack trace appears after selecting fee of type: '% Loan Amount+Interest' or '% Interest', entering amount with big number and trying to create new Loan account
  • [MIFOS2X-5077] - Page with Stack trace appears after entering amount with big number into 'Recommended amount for deposit' field and trying to create new Savings account
  • [MIFOS2X-5087] - In Release 2.2, interests on 'Loan Details' and 'Repayment Schedule' pages are displayed differently than in Release 1.6.x
  • [MIFOS2X-5118] - BIRT broken on Tomcat 7.0.21
  • [MIFOS2X-5126] - The newest Mifos version from the g-release branch does not allow to log in
  • [MIFOS2X-5130] - exception.accounts.changeInLoanMeeting error message is not visible on the confirmParentTransfer.jsp
  • [MIFOS2X-5131] - Placeholders on error message not populated when moving client to active within a group that is not active
  • [MIFOS2X-5132] - Correct description text on Collection Sheet Entry page
  • [MIFOS2X-5134] - Accounting Exports - Voucher Date is always set to "20101209" (9th Dec 2010)
  • [MIFOS2X-5135] - Translations on JSP pages are not displayed properly
  • [MIFOS2X-5138] - In default English locale, during the Loan/Savings creation, buttons are localized depending on the system settings
  • [MIFOS2X-5139] - Photo and 'See Photo' link should be hidden after selecting 'Hide' option on 'Define mandatory/hidden fields' page
  • [MIFOS2X-5140] - non-latin language (Telugu) gets date format exception on existing data

New Feature


  • [MIFOS2X-5117] - Create "HOW TO" page on wiki for usage of REST module and convensions.
  • [MIFOS2X-5123] - Python Demo REST Client for Loan Repayment and Savings Deposit


  • [MIFOS2X-2018] - remove supported_locale, language, and country tables
  • [MIFOS2X-3836] - Add ability to edit a user's birth date
  • [MIFOS2X-5120] - Update spring security configuration to understand json REST API urls


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