Release Notes - Archive mifos 2.x - Version Release 2.1.5 - HTML format


  • [MIFOS2X-5103] - Removed fee should not be visible on 'Review installments' and 'Preview Loan account information' pages
  • [MIFOS2X-5104] - After updating mandatory amount for a savings account, it is not reflected in the UI and saving_schedule table
  • [MIFOS2X-5105] - The totals under "Issues/Withdrawals" are not displayed properly on Collection Sheet entry preview page
  • [MIFOS2X-5106] - Collection sheet error: "The amount specified for <Loan product> of customer <customer name> is invalid. Please specify a valid amount."
  • [MIFOS2X-5107] - GenerateMeetingsForCustomerAndSavingsTaskJob is not recreating entries for new Saving accounts
  • [MIFOS2X-5108] - Slow access to center / group / member page on large database

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