Release notes

Release Notes - Archive mifos 2.x - Version 2.3.0-M1 - HTML format


  • [MIFOS2X-1355] - Inconsistent display of branches offices on 'view offices' screen
  • [MIFOS2X-2025] - Incorrect error message thrown on changing the disbursal date of a Pending Approval loan account to a future non-meeting day with LSIM turnes off
  • [MIFOS2X-2059] - Collection Sheet Report Select date - give indication if selected date isn't meeting day
  • [MIFOS2X-2540] - Payment transaction date can predate disbursal date
  • [MIFOS2X-5046] - If Loan purpose is not selected during the GLIM loan creation or Redo loan, then on Group Loan details page there are 'null' signs in 'Loan Purpose' column
  • [MIFOS2X-5069] - SECDEP: Branch Progress Report - incorrect User Title name in "Branch Staffing" section
  • [MIFOS2X-5243] - Percentage of Loan Fees not being applied
  • [MIFOS2X-5333] - Wrong tab is selected on User change log page


  • [MIFOS2X-2818] - add more Asian locales to Mifos
  • [MIFOS2X-5095] - Upgrade c3p0 connection pool from 0.9.1 to latest version
  • [MIFOS2X-5127] - WorkspaceServerLauncherTest test failure


  • [MIFOS2X-5067] - TECHDEBT: Remove legacy struts and jsp code around loan creation and redo

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