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  • [MIFOS2X-5355] - Some REST Api methods still allow Loan Officer to get access to accounts from different branches
  • [MIFOS2X-5455] - Center with weekly meeting and loan product with frequency fortnightly
  • [MIFOS2X-5458] - Removed penalty is still calculated in Repay Loan option after adjustment
  • [MIFOS2X-5485] - Unable to go Back to Previous Page in View Additional Information of an office
  • [MIFOS2X-5486] - DATA type does not work properly for Date questions
  • [MIFOS2X-5487] - Unable to view Customers transaction history.
  • [MIFOS2X-5489] - Unable to use "Open new Loan account" link after creating Savings account.
  • [MIFOS2X-5495] - Unable to go "Back to Previous Page" from "View Additional Information" of an system user
  • [MIFOS2X-5496] - 'Add new question' radio button is not working on 'Add Question Group' page
  • [MIFOS2X-5497] - Problem with "Hidden Fields" in MOBILE Mode
  • [MIFOS2X-5498] - Unable to use properly "Go back one page" button of web browser after viewing additional information about Clients and Customers
  • [MIFOS2X-5504] - Unable to open Collection Sheet Entry page in German, Arabic and Lao locale
  • [MIFOS2X-5505] - Task-list always display meetings after login even if there are no meetings on this day
  • [MIFOS2X-5506] - Unable to edit new adjustment in loan account
  • [MIFOS2X-5508] - No validation for date field on 'Apply payment' page
  • [MIFOS2X-5511] - Unable to apply 'Misc Penalty' to Client
  • [MIFOS2X-5513] - Correct GLIM column name on Group Loan details page
  • [MIFOS2X-5516] - GLIM Invidual Schedule displays incorrect values when Loan amount was edited before disbursal
  • [MIFOS2X-5517] - GLIM Individual Schedule doesn't work properly for redone Loan
  • [MIFOS2X-5519] - Remove unnecessary space character from heading on "Create multiple Loan Accounts" page
  • [MIFOS2X-5521] - Automatic penalties should not be applied for past installments
  • [MIFOS2X-5522] - Thousand separator is not working on View Change Log page for Savings accounts
  • [MIFOS2X-5523] - Incomplete validation for date field on Repay Loan and Write Off pages
  • [MIFOS2X-5533] - Stack trace appears after clicking 'Back to Previous Page' button on View Additional Information page for Office
  • [MIFOS2X-5534] - DATE fields in Question Groups accept strings and doesn't display date picker
  • [MIFOS2X-5535] - Batch Jobs page is blank under Internet Explorer
  • [MIFOS2X-5548] - In some cases, thousand separator is used also for description text
  • [MIFOS2X-5549] - Unable to display Loan Product when GL Code property is set in config file
  • [MIFOS2X-5550] - It is possible to apply payment before the last payment made

New Feature


  • [MIFOS2X-5152] - Input data ( loans | savings) for previous 2-3 months
  • [MIFOS2X-5362] - Add warning message to the Login page when Mifos 2.2.x is running under Tomcat instead of Jetty
  • [MIFOS2X-5473] - Show GL Codes with names on Transaction history, View Loan Product and Edit Loan Product pages
  • [MIFOS2X-5474] - Display GL Code and GL Name by default in dropdowns
  • [MIFOS2X-5515] - Improve warning message if user starts Mifos on servlet container different than Jetty 7


  • [MIFOS2X-5381] - Automatic application of Late payment Penalties for Loans


Dev Task

  • [MIFOS2X-5426] - Create Batchjob for automatic penalties
  • [MIFOS2X-5431] - Create a link at the top of the page to quickly switch the Site Type
  • [MIFOS2X-5432] - Mobile version of the Loan accounts' sub-pages

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