Release Notes - Archive mifos 2.x - Version 2.3.2 - HTML format


  • [MIFOS2X-5520] - 'Null' signs in 'Loan Purpose' column on Preview page while editing Group account information
  • [MIFOS2X-5525] - No validation message when applying payment via Import Transactions functionality when Month is closed
  • [MIFOS2X-5528] - Selected GL Codes are not displayed on Preview page while defining a new Loan Product
  • [MIFOS2X-5538] - Able to choose twice the same roles during creating new system user under Internet Explorer.
  • [MIFOS2X-5539] - Bookmark "See all notes" has "Add note" title
  • [MIFOS2X-5541] - Training date can be earlier than date of birth.
  • [MIFOS2X-5545] - Able to fill Amount field without choosing Fee Type when creating new client.
  • [MIFOS2X-5546] - There is no possibility to adjust the last payment when account is in Closed-Obligation met status
  • [MIFOS2X-5557] - Unable to cancel applying charges after viewing details of client charges
  • [MIFOS2X-5560] - Stack trace on Client Details mobile page.


  • [MIFOS2X-5182] - Add Principal Pre-payment option for "Declining Balance" and "Declinging Balance - Equal Principal Installment" interest types
  • [MIFOS2X-5193] - Loan Disbursement irrespective of meeting dates after enabling LSIM configuration

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