Release Notes - Mifos X - Version 1.10.0.RELEASE - HTML format


  • [MIFOSX-662] - Not able to define "Transfer in Suspense" in cash based accounting for Savings product.
  • [MIFOSX-674] - Not able to disburse the Client's loan if charges attached to that loan is transfered from Savings account

New Feature

  • [MIFOSX-259] - GSOC Project: Caching support
  • [MIFOSX-642] - Allow charges for a loan to be deducted from savings of the client
  • [MIFOSX-643] - Transfer Clients with Savings accounts between Branches
  • [MIFOSX-644] - Configurable Fees for savings


  • [MIFOSX-312] - Accounting does not track Currency

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