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More details on project requirements to come. External client should do the following:

  1. Displays a list of concepts from the MIX taxonomy (there are about 30 of them, things like “total assets” or “loans overdue 30 days”).
  2. Allows end users to select items from their chart of accounts to map to the taxonomy concepts.  (This step probably won’t be necessary if there is no integrated accounting with a chart of accounts).
  3. Allows end users to specific certain context details for a given report (the period covered by the report, the “as of” date for things like overdue loans etc.
  4. Exports the resulting report as an XBRL instance document that can be successfully parsed by the MIX system. (we’ll supply a reference implementation of the XML syntax. The MIX parser is from Rivet, details to be provided).

Project Status

Previous Work on XBRL: