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Loans will be reviewed for members clients and non-members clients of legal age of (18) years within the ORGANIZATION's field of membership.  Non-members clients must establish membership before a loan can be disbursed.

Loan Application                        

Members Clients may apply for loans in person, by mail, fax or phone.


If an applicant does not have enough income to qualify for a loan, he/she may provide a guarantor.  This person must complete the “Other Applicant Information” section of the loan application and sign the loan agreement.  The co-applicant must be a member client of the ORGANIZATION.

Loan Guidelines

Total debt to the ORGANIZATION may not exceed five (5) percent of the Organization’s total share capital and reserves per memberclient.  Financing of debt may be granted for a maximum term of 36 months.


This Program is meant to serve members clients or potential members clients who have been denied credit or had account problems at other banks or ORGANIZATIONs, and are working to improve their credit history.  


  • Financial management training provided by the ORGANIZATION.
  • A “Credit Builder” Loan - The maximum loan amount is  ______ . The funds from this loan are deposited into a 12 month fixed account.  The fixed account is collateral for the loan.  The member client will make monthly payments on the loan.  At the 12 month maturity of the fixed account funds will be available for withdrawal, providing the “Credit Builder” loan is paid in full.
  • After the successful repayment of the Credit Builder loan, members clients are eligible to apply for an additional loan.