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Intro5 min
Status update10 min
Showcase / Hands on25 min
Open discussion15 min
Wrap-up / closing5 min

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Every attendee states his name, his role (partner, core team, volunteer) and his location.

Status update

The Mifos Initiative gives an update on the ongoing development, shares roadmap insides and makes announcements.

Showcase / Hands on

Partners, Core Team or volunteers can showcase any work they have done or provide some hands on and tutorials.

Topics for hands on and tutorials can be:

  • Dev environment
    • Git
    • Gradle
  • Core Concept
    • REST
    • Design patterns
  • Frameworks
    • JPA
    • Flyway
  • Best practices

The presentation should not be longer than 20 minutes so there is still some time for Q&A.

Please share your proposal not later than one week before the meeting (7 PM GMT on Thursdays before the Developer Meeting) so there is still enough time to announce the presentation.

If you want to see a specific topic don’t hesitate to propose it.

Open discussion

General discussion about development related topics.

Wrap-up / Closing

Short recap.


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