Client Accounts (MifosX FS)

Please refer to the following functional specs:

Additions for MifosX

  • DOB can be entered as just a year value (S, High): This is a requirement for India where client's often don't know their specific date of birth, only how old they are.  Should also be integrated with the check for duplicate clients
  • Meeting Frequencies
    • Semi-Monthly (S, Med): Numerous MFI's as they have client's graduate, give them individual loans that may be tired to their job, which pays twice a month.
    • Daily (C, Low): We've had a few instances where MFI's are giving daily loans.  
      • Days of collection should match the days of operation within Mifos
        • Variation (C, Low): During creation of the Loan product, Admin can indicate what days the loan is collected for
    • No Meetings (M, HIGH): A lot of MFI's are giving out loans to individuals that have no meeting schedule, but rather, have a date that payments should be on or before (enda, Al Majmoua)
  • MFI Can Define additional fields for client profiles (S, High): Currently Question/Groups is meeting this, but this may be an opportunity to build a better solution.  Essentially, let MFI's define the data they want to collect.  
    • Field Types:
      • Dropdown (S, High)
      • Cascading Dropdowns (S, High)
      • Text Field (M, High)
      • Numerical Field (M, High)
      • Text Box (M, High)
      • Date (M, High)
  • Validating Client Uniqueness: Currently Mifos ensures clients are unique by Client First Name, Last Name and DOB (and also NationalID?)
    • Make finding a client easier: (S, High) : Currently the user has to use the search in order to determine if a client exists and if they are assigned to an office below the Head Office or a loan officer, then they are limited in their results.  This also adds overhead during processing of client applications. Additionally, the system doesn't report there is a potential conflict until the last page of the application and then the user has to search for the person.  Some basic improvements might be
      • Add ability for user to check names across entire org - ie, they might have view rights, but can't edit the data, in order to confirm the client exists or not
      • Add check for uniqueness of client on first page of application (Currently happens when they submit, after a lot of data has been entered).  Variations:
        • Make first page of new client workflow simpler - just name, dob, national id and have conflicts pop up if they exist, stating the user must fix the conflict before continuing
        • If a match shows up but its from a closed account (IE, the client was a client before), have option for user to select a checkbox that says "returning client" and links accounts for reporting purposes.
        • When conflict accounts appear, provided clickable links where the user can view the client data - could be a screen within in Mifos or even a report that shows all necessary client data (may be easier to implement this way).
    • Requested enhancements from: KMBI, (many others I can't think of)
  • Change Loan Officer while client has active accounts (M, High)  - I think we can do this at the center level, but should be at the client level.  Also need to indicate when the change was made for reporting purposes (IE, tracking loan officer work progress accurately).