Fees (MifosX FS)

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Additions for MifosX

  • Automated application of Penalties (S, High): If a client is late in paying, many MFI's want the penalties associated with this automatically applied.  Multiple areas to consider:
    • Calculation of Fee:  Some MFI's want it a percentage of the principal overdue, some outstanding principal, others want it a flat fee over a period of time (AlMajmoua charges $1 USD for every day late on a payment) - like by day, per month, or per cycle
    • Grace Period: Some MFI's do offer clients a grace period on lateness.  IE, they may have up to 5 days to pay before the penalties are applied.
    • Ability to forgive penalties: MFI's want the ability to remove penalties at their discretion
    • Flex Payment: Most will want to collect upon payment of the loan, but others collect at other times.  Al Majmoua will collect all the late payment fees as a lump sum AFTER the loan has been paid.