User-Generated Documents (Admin Docs)

This page will be used to track sample documents that could be generated from the Mifos UI.  These are currently called administrative documents.  What are the client-facing documents that you would like to generate from the Mifos UI using data found in Mifos

DocumentDescriptionPrimary AudienceWhere in the UISample Document
ReceiptPayment receiptClientApply PaymentReceipt.pdf
Payment Voucher    
Account Statement    
Repayment Schedule.    
Payment Book  Loan DisbursalPayment Book.pdf
Loan Agreement
Debt Acknowledgement Voucher  Approve LoanDebt acknowledgmentVoucher.pdf
Loan Contract Summary HandoutOffers a clear description of terms, conditions, interest rate, and fees.ClientApprove Loan

Client FormSampleCreate Client  
Client FormSampleCreate Client Client form _June 22 _final.docx

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