New Contributor Getting Started Guide

This guide was written for our participation in Code for Good Week Hosted By SFHTML5  but has been repurposed as a starting point for new technical contributors to Mifos X and Apache Fineract. 

C4GW is an initiative dedicated to bringing together web developers, designers, technical writers, and other technologists to discover and contribute to open source projects for civic engagement or social good. The goals of the effort are to help the community learn about and effectively contribute to open source projects.     
We've been invited as one of three organizations to participate in the Code for Good Week hosted by SFHTML5, the largest web development meetup group in the world. More than 20,000 developers could be participating in this online and on-site hackathon taking place from July 27 to Aug 3.

For more detailed about who we are and what we do, please see

Lightning-Fast Quick Start!


Apache Fineract
Apache Fineract CN
Mifos X Community App
Mifos X Web App
  • Build/Environment/Installation Setup Instructions
Mifos X Android Field Operations App
Mifos Mobile


There are three main ways that Mifos volunteers and G4GW participants communicate with eachother :

Code Of Conduct

The Mifos community comprises of a large number of experts, students, and professionals from around the world. We come from varied backgrounds, fields, and countries, and are all tied together by our desire to do good. Because the community is so diverse and spread across the globe, please remember to be courteous and considerate to other community members at all times. Always remember that people may be based in other timezones, and may have other jobs that they prioritize. For more information, please refer to our community code of conduct.

For best practices in using our GitHub repos, please read our Coding Standards and use the Mifos Coding Style Guide .

Also adhere to C4GW's code of Conduct used during live events.