Mifos X 21.07 Installation Guide (with Pentaho plugin)

Mifos X 21.07.01 Release version can be installed in any deployment environment whether that be on-site or in the cloud or in a Windows or Linux server. We try to make multiple options available so that you can easily evaluate Mifos X and install it for production. This documentation section contains links to the following:


This Release includes

  1. Pentaho Plugin for Fineract codebase

  2. Web-App Beta UI version 21.07.01 release codebase

  3. community-app UI version 21.07.1 release codebase

  4. Fineract version 1.5.0 release codebase

Installing Mifos X on-site or on a web server

Upgrading from an existing version to 21.07.01

  • Manual upgrade Document

    • In progess

Any Issue/Bug found on the release version can be reported in the below-mentioned Places

  1. Web-app UI issue should be reported here

  2. Community-app UI issue should be reported here

  3. Fineract issue should be reported here

If you wish to contribute a fix to the 21.07.01 release version, code has to be pushed/fetched to/from the below branches

  1. Web-app 21.07.01 release branch

  2. Community-app 21.07.01 release branch

  3. Fineract - Develop branch - https://github.com/apache/fineract


below links will help you understand