Employee & Volunteer Expense Policy




The organization reimburses employees and Volunteers for normal and reasonable expenses incurred while traveling on organization Business.  The organization will comply with all state or federal regulations concerning reimbursement of expenses, and compensation of Board and committee members and directors.



The very nature of organization work mandates that employees engaged in business travel only incur expenses that are necessary to the business of the organization and seek to keep those expenses at a level which, while securing reasonable quality, are not excessive. 

 All reimbursable expense items are subject to audit and review.  The organization has the authority to request additional information, receipts or explanation from any person who submits an expense voucher.  The CEO can reject in whole or part any request for reimbursement of expense items unless this authority is specifically delegated in another manner by this policy manual.


Activities which normally justify the reimbursement of travel expenses include attending business meetings, conventions, and seminars or other selected educational functions related to the employee's job and/or the Volunteers Role with the organization.  However, all employees must obtain prior authorization from the CEO before embarking on such travel.

All employees and Volunteers are normally expected to travel coach or economy class when flying and to stay and eat in moderately priced establishments while traveling on organization business.

If necessary, an employee or Volunteer may get a cash advance for expenses of approved travel by submitting a written request.  Upon the completion of travel, the employee must fill out an expense voucher and attach the necessary supporting receipts.  The amounts claimed, less the cash advance if any, must be approved by the supervisor before submitting the travel voucher for payment. 

Employees and Volunteers will not be reimbursed for the expenses of entertainment while on a business trip unless the entertainment has a bonafide business purpose.  Employees will not be reimbursed for the travel expenses of their spouses unless the presence of the spouse on the trip is deemed by the CEO to have a bonafide business purpose.  Employees planning to seek reimbursement for spouse's travel expenses must get the approval of the CEO prior to the trip.  Volunteer spousal travel is at the discretion of the Board Chair.


Meal Reimbursement

 Employees and Volunteers required to travel on organization business are eligible to be reimbursed for the cost of meals during their travel. 

 Employees seeking reimbursement for meals must have their expense voucher approved by their supervisor and sent for processing and/or payment.

 A receipt must accompany all meals totaling more than XX.

 Automobile Usage

 Employees and Volunteers who drive automobiles on organization business must possess a valid driver's license and are responsible for making sure the automobile meets any organization or legal standards for insurance and driveability.  Employees/ Volunteers are also responsible for any fines or parking violations incurred as a result of driving. 

 Employees may use personal automobiles for business purposes, but only with the prior approval of their supervisor.  Employees/ Volunteers who use personal automobiles for approved business purposes will receive a mileage allowance set at the Internal Revenue Service approved rate for such usage.  This allowance is to compensate for the cost of gasoline, oil, depreciation and insurance.  In addition, employees/ Volunteers driving on organization business may claim reimbursement for parking fees and tolls actually incurred.  Claims for reimbursement must be submitted on an expense voucher. 

 Employees/ Volunteers are not permitted, under any circumstances, to operate a personal automobile for organization business, when any physical or mental impairment causes the employee to be unable to drive safely.  This prohibition includes, but is not limited to, circumstances in which the employee is temporarily unable to operate an automobile safely or legally because of illness, medication, or intoxication.

 Employees/ Volunteers must report any accident involving a personal automobile used on organization business to their supervisor.

 A person assigned or driving an automobile in which members of his/her family are riding shall assume responsibility for any liability to the family.  The organization assumes no liability to the driver's family.  Notwithstanding these facts the organization carries $100,000.00 in Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance on each Board member and Management Employee and $50,000.00 on non-exempt employees and Supervisory Committee members.


 Employees/ Volunteers will be reimbursed for authorized meal and entertainment expenses when the expenses are directly related to or associated with the organization's business. 

 For Employees requests for reimbursement of entertainment expenses must be approved by the employee's supervisor and then submitted on an expense voucher for payment.  All vouchers should contain a detailed itemization of expenses incurred and a statement of the date, place, and business reason for the entertainment.  Vouchers for expenditures of $25 or more must be accompanied by receipts.