GSOC 2014 - Actionable notifications/alerts/status updates in Mifos X

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Project StatusPRE-PLANNING
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Document ownerRishabh Shukla (Unlicensed)
DesignerAnuruddha Premalal
DevelopersRishabh Shukla (Unlicensed)

Project Summary


    • Better usability by implementing support for notifications, statuses and alerts in mifosX

    • Improved Productivity of users, by providing them real-time information about new changes

    • UI enhancement to accommodate this new notification system 

Background, Impact, and User Need


Project Implementation Plan

This project enhances the usability of the mifos X platform by building a real time notification system for basic user actions pertaining to users, branch manager, agent, client etc. For example, agent will update the database with new loan data and in real time this will be propagated to both the concerned client and the associated branch manager. Java API of mifosX platform will be updated to watch for any new changes and then notifications about these changes will be send to the registered parties in real-time. Notification system will be developed in such a way that it can be customized according to user's need. This project will also develop the required UI to accommodate this notification system using AngularJS and Bootstrap.


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User interaction and design


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