GCI: Clean up and ensure leads in Salesforce database are ready for import into Mailchimp


This task is Part 1 of http://www.google-melange.com/gci/task/view/google/gci2014/5240601419186176

The original task is too large so this will be split into multiple parts involving cleaning up our salesforce database (leads & contacts), merging with our current Mailchimp list, updating the Mailchimp signup form to align with the Salesforce database so going forward we can simply update the Mailchimp database on an ongoing basis via the Salesforce integration.

Two of the initial tasks center around cleanup of the Salesforce database such that we have all of the required fields for proper segmentation of the list for sending online communications to our various audiences:

  • Email by audience: Customers/Partners/Volunteers/Donors

  • Email by country/region

  • Email by level of activity (partner or user)

  • Email by date of last activity

  • Email by area of interest they've opted into

  • Email by opportunity type

This task involves making sure each lead in Salesforce has the following values filled in:

  • Country Dropdown (you will have to see what country is filled in in the Billing Address field and select it in the dropdown field)

  • Lead Type (this should be filled for most leads)

  • Area of Interest (ideally this should be filled but if not it can be left blank)

There are a few thousand leads so this task might need to be split up further. You can test out using bulk edit or exporting the leads and then editing in a spreadsheet and then importing back in.


Ed Cable


Ed Cable