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Add support to flag, lock, block, or hold accounts. 


Feature Summary

  • There are times when account (client, loan, or savings) need to be locked or put on hold - the support for flagging/locking/holding an account needs to be provided. The reasons for the need to flag or place the hold the account will vary but the ability to do so should be provided - flagging an account can have different purposes and consequences - informational/notification, blocking an account, restricting transactions, etc. 

Background and strategic fit


Below is a list of questions to be addressed as a result of this requirements document:

How should this relate to the functionality being built out for inactive/dormant savings accounts?Ed: My initial thinking is that as we design the inactive/dormant accounts, we should think about account flags as over-arching umbrella that a dormant/inactive account flag falls under.
How should this relate to functionality in place for blocking portions of accounts as guaranteeEd: My initial thinking is that this might be separate.

Out of Scope