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Add support to flag, lock, block, or hold accounts. 


Feature Summary

  • There are times when account (client, loan, or savings) need to be locked or put on hold - the support for flagging/locking/holding an account needs to be provided. The reasons for the need to flag or place the hold the account will vary but the ability to do so should be provided - flagging an account can have different purposes and consequences - informational/notification, blocking an account, restricting transactions, etc. 

Background and strategic fit


  • Blacklisting a client
  • Flagging a savings account as dormant/inactive (currently being implemented)
  • Flagging an account if there are suspicious activities like illegal entries or fraud
  • Guaranteeing a loan (implemented)
  • Compulsory Savings (i.e. 20% of loan amount) 
  • Holding an account for passbook loss
  • Death of an accountholder
  • Inactive/dormant accounts and rules for escheatment
  • Emergency or national natural disaster
  • Portfolio being transferred or bought by another institution
  • Locking after X days in arrears 
  • Bankruptcy/financial distress (


  • Flagging of the account could simply be for notification and informational purposes
  • Flagging could be used to block transactions or place funds on hold.

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