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  • Commit rights
  • Rights to upload files to
  • SSH Access to ci server

Pre-Release upload

  • Adding Software To Mifos guide is followed and the release is not going to break and licence. 
  • Decide which binary(package) should be released. (e.g. pick the binary which is used and passed QA testing on CI build)
  • inspect the file(s) you are releasing
  • if you are releasing a binary archive (such as a .zip or .tar.gz), ensure that the archive explodes into a directory of the same name minus the file extension. For instance, "" should explode into the subdirectory "mifos-v2.0.0/".
  • Create a .CHECKSUMS file using resources/scripts/ (from head/master). Make sure your current, best gpg key is used for signing and it is updated on Release Signatures page