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Late Fees & Automatic Penalties - Mifos X allows the user to charge late fees and automatic penalties when necessary.

Recurring Fees - Recurring fees can be configured to the financial institution's desire. Allowing them to charge clients on a regular basis.

One-Time Fees -  Global Application of Fees - Non-recurring fees such as a loan application fee or a processing fees are easily configured.

Flexible Accounting Classifications - 

Define Charges - 

VAT Tax Withholding - Mifos X allows fees to be integrated with liability or expense accounts to facilitate the collection of premiums and other charges.

Define Charges - Clearly define charges and penalties for the products your financial institution offers.

VAT Tax Withholding - Support assessing and collecting tax as a percentage of interest by defining tax components and tax groups and attaching as charges.


Multi Currency

 Mifos X support regional currencies and can support mixed currencies.

Multi Language

titleIn Development
Mifos X currently supports: Spanish, English, Georgian, French, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Chinese, Lao, and Hindi. Additional translations are in development.


Access - 

Authorization - 

Audit - 


oAUTH data protection, granular role-based or individual based permissions and maker & checker (4-eyes) capabilities all within Mifos X.

Authorization - Authorization can be configured by the individuals within the financial institution. Abilities can be customizable by job and by user .

Audit - Audit trails are maintained and multiple audit reports are included in the core platform.

Client Messaging & Self-Service Operations

Event-Based SMS Messaging - Send automated event-based messages (meeting/payment reminders/receipts) to clients triggered by web hooks.

SMS Campaigns - 

Self-Service APIs - 

Set up, send, and manage the delivery and receipt of bulk SMS campaigns to segmented groups based on simple business rules and filters.

Self-Service APIs - Full set of self-service APIs to support the creation of client-facing web and mobile banking apps. Clients can authenticate themselves and perform the following operations: view own savings/loan account details, transfer funds between their own accounts, transfer funds to other clients at same organization, apply for new loan accounts, and repay loans.

Mobile Field Tools & Processes

Android Field Operations App -Android Field Operations App - The mobile application is designed for field officers to interact with the Mifos X platform from the field.

Mobile Field Operations Via Tablet On-line / Off-line (Store & Forward Capability) - Mifos X functionality on for field operations in the most remote areas.

On-line / Off-line (Store & Forward Capability) - For field officers heading to remote areas, they can sync their handheld device at the office, and then head out to the field to conduct business and sync upon their return to the office.

Mobile Money Integration - Through its modular architecture, Mifos X supports mobile money integrations.

System Migration & Configuration Tools

Entity to Entity Mapping - With Mifos X, the user can define or modify old entities to new ones.

Manage Hooks - 

Account Number Preferences -