The Projects space is where we track and share with the community major work that is taking place on the product.  This space is built to allow:

  • Current contributors to see and collaborate on what is currently being worked on
  • Financial Institutions to list or express a need for a specific feature or project that you would like help with
  • New contributors or volunteers looking for a project to get involved with. 

We have designed this space in a similar fashion to OpenMRS who has enjoyed good success with their project-based approach.

Projects once active will have their actual work tracked as epics and user stories in JIRA but this project will exact as a central place that links to the various tasks, artifacts, specifications, backgroun and design documents related to the feature. 

Available Projects

Have a feature that you need built, want to integrate Mifos with another system, have an idea for a Mifos plug-in? Create a new available project so others can start to help you out.  You can follow this Sample Project Template to help you get started. Read more below on how to submit a new project. 

Want to get involved with Mifos X? Start out by working on an available or active project (some projects are ongoing and will require multiple people). If you see a project you're interested, email the mifos-developer's mailing list and request that it be assigned to you. 

Active Projects

Projects or features that have been assigned to a developer and are actively being worked on are located here. During our regular bi-weekly meetings, we will give updates on the status of each project. We also recommend "watching" the project to receive more frequent updates on the project. Once a project is active, the detailed work will be tracked as epics and user stories in JIRA. 

Completed Projects

Projects that have been finished up or no longer required will go here. They will provide a historical reference of the project, who worked on it and link to the completed code, the actual release, documentation, functional specifications, etc. 

Submit a New Project

Want to submit a new project to get a feature built? Each new project starts out as an available project. Create a new one by adding a page underneath the Available Projects page. Each project should contain the following: project overview - including a brief overview and more detailed description of the business need/goals for the feature/project, project supporters - who requested the project, and additional information and background.  Once assigned, the project will list out the assigned resources, details of how it will be implemented, as well as status and timeline.

To simplify the process, you can actually just copy the Sample Project Template we've created.  Open Sample Project Template and from the Tools menu, click Copy. Save the page with the name of your project and add the label "available" to the page before saving.