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Training Slides Presented in Mifos Summit 2015

Islamic Finance 1 - Mifos Summit.ppsx

User training - Accounting.pptx

User training - Deposit products.pptx

User training - Getting started with Mifos X .pptx

User training - Loan.pptx

The following slide presentations were developed by pre-university students who participated in Google Code-In 2014.

The Mifos Community appreciates the volunteer efforts put forth by these creative students and we hope this material helps you train your staff.

MIFOS Capabilities.pptx


Post-Deployment Planning.pptx 

How to Log onto and out of Mifos X.pptx 

General Navigation.pptx

How to Set Up a User.pptx 

Know Your Customer.pptx

How to Create a Client.pptx 

How to Open a Savings Account.pptx

How to Create a Loan Account Application.pptx

How to Manage Loan Account Disbursement.pptx

How to Assign a Loan Officer.pptx

How to Add Collateral to a Loan.pptx

How to Withdraw a Loan Application.pptx

How to Waive Interest for a Loan Account.pptx

Adding a Charge to a Loan Account.pptx

How to Close a Loan Account.pptx

How to Process Bulk JLG Loan Application.pptx

How to Track Loan Performance.pptx

How to Write Off a Loan Account.pptx

How to Create a General Ledger Account.pptx

Teller Training.pptx

How to Make Loan Repayments.pptx

Loan Loss Provisioning.pptx

Variable Installment Loans.pptx