Technology Readiness Resource Center

The following materials were developed by the Technology Readiness team at the Grameen Foundation. These resources will help financial institutions to invest in people, processes, and technology through one holistic approach. Successful technology adoption hinges on a complete solution with alignment between IT and business and social goals. The resource center provides the following:

  • IT Strategy: Tools to help develop a strategic IT plan to allow your organization to prioritize IT investment in alignment with long-term business goals. 
  • Requirements Gathering: Before starting any IT project, it's critical to understand your business needs and translate these into requirements that can be clearly prioritized. 
  • Business Process Optimization: Streamlined business processes are key to efficient operations and client relations - this framework provides a means to identify, map, measure, and continually optimize your business processes so they're aligned with technology. 
  • Project Management Tools: These are resources to help manage your IT projects and ensure they're on-time and on-budget.
  • ROI Measurement & Analysis: Technology is an investment that you should continually maximize - our ROI tools provide the means to know, measure, and monitor your efficiency factors to reduce costs and increase revenue.