In-work Patches
This is a list of the patches that have been submitted and that are awaiting review. Some patches may be bug fixes, some may be development work. If a patch is for an issue from the issue tracking system, then the issue priority is what has been assigned in that system. The position on the list represents the approximate review priority (top of the list will be reviewed first). Review priority and the time from submission to review may have to do with factors such as whether the patch is for ongoing paid consulting work, for volunteer work, for a high or low priority bug, date of submission and availability of reviewers.
csv-table:::header: "Description", "Submitter", "Issue Priority", "Reviewer", "Submission Date", "Action"
:widths: 40, 20, 10, 10, 10, 10

"quot;`Collection sheet report modifications - caching and formatting", "Pramod Biligiri", "", "Van/Keith", "2007.01.11", "committed to v12257" "Collection sheet report", "Amiruddin Nagri", "", "Van", "2007.01.08", "committed to v12257" "Changes to build-findbugs.xml", "Derek Jean-Baptiste", "", "", "2007.01.07", "waiting for review" "story #24 (misc config item refactor), part C", "Adam Monsen", "", "Van", "2007.12.21", "committed to v12240" "Patch for issue 1463", "Keith Pierce", "", "", "2007.12.20", "waiting for review" "Moratorium feature", "Saurabh Kumar", "", "", "2007.12.19", "waiting for review" "Collection sheet report", "Pramod Biligiri ", "", "", "2007.12.18", "committed to v12257" "issue 1512 persistent objectequals/hashCode-data model clarification needed", "Sam Lee", "", "", "2007.12.18", "waiting for review" "story #24 (misc config item refactor), part B (session timeout)", "Adam Monsen", "", "Van", "2007.12.17", "committed to v12230" "Story #24 Part A", "Adam Monsen", "", "Van", "2007.12.11", "committed to v12221" "Offsetting", "Dion Dodgen", "", "Tom", "2007.12.05", "committed to v12220" "Extracting Named Query Constants From CollectionSheetPersistence To NamedQueryConstants", "Amiruddin Nagri", "", "Nazir", "2007.12.07", "committed" "Issue 1431", "Keith Pierce", "", "Van", "2007.12.05", "committed" "clean up struts configuration", "Adam Monsen", "", "", "2007.12.04", "committed to v12274" "Issue 1525", "Adam Monsen", "", "Van", "2007.11.29", "committed" "quot;`Issue 1431", "Keith Pierce", "", "Tom", "2007.11.15", "committed" "JUnit 4 maladapted tests", "Adam Monsen", "", "Tom", "2007.11.15", "committed" "Moratorium module", "Saurabh Kumar", "", "Tom", "2007.11.15", "returned" "Issue 1417", "Adam Monsen", "P1", "Tom", "2007.11.13", "committed" "Issue 1360", "Saurabh Kumar", "P2", "Tom", "2007.07.15", "committed" "Issue 1354", "Saurabh Kumar", "P3", "", "2007.07.15", "waiting for review" "Issue 1358", "Mayank Upadhayay", "P3", "Amit", "2007.07.15", "returned" "Issue 335", "Saurabh Kumar", "P4", "Van", "2007.07.15", "returned" "Issue 1340", "Saurabh Kumar", "P4", "Amit", "2007.07.15", "committed" "Redo Loan Disbursal, update", "Tom Bostelmann", "", "Van", "2007.07.21", "committed" "Redo Loan Disbursal, DB Changes", "Tom Bostelmann", "", "Jim K", "2007.07.18", "committed"