GSOC 2016 Mobile Money Integration in West and Central Africa

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Project Summary

This project involves integrating mobile money services into the Mifos platform which
will make this platform more accessible to clients especially those in West and Central
Africa. With mobile money integrated into the core banking system of financial
institutions, services such as money transfer, real time account information and many
more become possible.

The mobile money engine is a solution that is going to be designed to be integrated into
the Mifosx platform. This will make it possible for Mifosx platform to be used like a
mobile banking system. The test case here will be Cameroon.
This mobile money engine will enable clients who have an account in any institution
currently running the Mifosx platform(and also a mobile money account) to do the
following and possibly more:
1. Save money from mobile money account to Mifosx platform account.
2. Withdraw money from a Mifosx platform account to the client's mobile money
3. Carry out money transfer from one Mifosx platform account to another.
For the mobile engine to be developed, the client's information will be gotten using the
Mifosx platform API and more specifically the Customer Self-Service API


  • Generic Mobile Money Engine for the Mifos X platform
  • Standalone App on which test cases can and will be tested(MTN Mobile Money, Orange Money)

Background, Impact, and User Need

To make the Mifos X platform usable on many more platforms.


  • Mobile Money Engine
  • Standalone application for mobile money application
  • Tests
  • Documentation


Community Bonding

22nd April 2016 - 22nd May 2016

  • Learn how to use the Java Spring framework
  • Solve issues
  • Learn how to use and implement web services and micro services
  • Scope project
  • Come up with design doc

Pre-midterm Evaluation

23rd May - 27th June 2016

(3 weeks)

  • Implement front end application

    (1 week)
  • Study the Mobile money API

    (1 week)
  • Begin coding the mobile engine


27th June - 15th August 2016

(4 weeks)

  • Finish coding mobile money engine
  • Write tests

    (2 weeks)
  • Finish tests
  • Integrate MTN mobile money engine
  • Begin documentation on work done.

Submission of Codes and Final Evaluations

15th August - 23rd August 2016

(1 week)

  • Finish with tests
  • Code Cleanup
  • Finish up with documentation
  • Submit Mobile Money application to Google

Additional Resources

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