Ubuntu WAR Install


This is an abbreviated guide to help non-developers get started with Mifos on Ubuntu using a release zip file. See this guide if you prefer to build from source.

Quick Start


Walk through only the following steps in the install-from-source guide:

Continue with the following steps below.

set up database

Create a file named mifos.cnf in /etc/mysql/conf.d/ and put in it:

# optional, but saves disk space

Restart the database for the new settings to take effect

sudo service mysql restart


  • Create mifosdatabase. Use:

    ~$ mysql -u root -p
    mysql> CREATE DATABASE mifos;
    mysql> show databases;
    | Database           |
    | information_schema |
    | mifos              |
    | mysql              |
  • Grant permissions to user 'mifos' (doing these grants more than once has no effect). If you choose a different user name and password, adjust these instructions accordingly:

    mysql> GRANT ALL on mifos.* to 'mifos'@'localhost' identified by 'mifos';
  • test database connection as user 'mifos'

    mysql -u mifos -pmifos mifos

get the install package

Download Mifos Unpack the archive into /tmp.

create production tables

In the directory where you unpacked the archive, do:

mysql -D mifos -u mifos -pmifos < db/sql/base-schema.sql
mysql -D mifos -u mifos -pmifos < db/sql/base-data.sql
mysql -D mifos -u mifos -pmifos < db/sql/init_mifos_password.sql

Upgrade you database

See details here.

application database connection

Make sure your LocalPropertiesFile contains (at least) the following:



Mifos requires Jetty 7.x. Download Jetty tarball from http://archive.eclipse.org/jetty/7.3.1.v20110307/dist/ and unpack it. In the instructions that follow, we'll assume you unpacked Jetty to $HOME/jetty7. If you've put it somewhere else, adjust accordingly.

If using extended characters, be sure server configuration includes URIEncoding="UTF-8" in the Connector definition.

Copy mifos.war from the installation package to $HOME/jetty7/webapps.

start Mifos

Follow the startup instructions here