Configuration Collection Sheet Generation

Configuration for Collection Sheet Generation

Collection Sheets are printed reports that show disbursements and payments expected at a center or group meeting. The Loan Officer takes these reports to the center meeting and makes notes of any exceptions (ie, a missed payment, a missed savings deposit, a missed fee payment, etc). These exceptions are then entered into the Bulk Entry Because there is such a high repayment rate, there are typically few exceptions to be noted-- and all transactions for a center can be quickly entered into the system using the bulk-entry. In order to facilitate the easy generation of these collection sheet reports (through the reports module written using Jasper Reports), Mifos has a collection sheet table which stores all data which MFIs might want to display on their collection sheet. Batch Jobs run at midnight to populate this table with data for the meetings scheduled to occur the following day.

Feature Summary

Many center and group meetings happen very early in the morning (6am, 7am, etc)-- before women have to go to work. For these MFIs, it is useful to be able to print out collection sheets the day prior to the meeting so that Loan Officers can go directly to the meeting without stopping first at the branch office to print out the collection sheets. At other MFIs, Loan Officers might live far away from the branch office and only visit the branch once or twice a week. At these MFIs, the collection sheet needs to be generated several days, perhaps even a week in advance. Mifos needs to have the ability for an MFI to configure how many days in advance the collection sheet table should be populated. The `Collection Sheet Batch Job </knowledge/functional-specs/batch-jobs#Collection_sheets>`_ would then look at this configuration input and populate the collection sheet table accordingly.

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