Adding Existing Client Group

Adding exisiting clients to a group

Date last updated: 16 May 2007 – Nesrine

UI Screens for this feature are available `here <>`_.

To view the screens, download and extract the zip folder, click on login.htm, and if your browser gives you a warning select "Accept blocked content". Click "Login" button, click on "admin" tab, and follow the user flow below.

Test cases are available here `here <>`_.

Feature Overview

In conjunction with the feature of removing a client from a group, Removing Group Membership, it is important for an MFI to be able to add exisiting clients to a group. The current functionality in Mifos only allows adding a new client to a group.

Feature Summary

Prerequistes for Adding an exisiting client to a group

  • The individual client status should not be neither closed or cancelled
  • The individual client should not have an active loan.
  • The group status must be upper or equal to the client status (see Additional information for more details).

User Flow: Adding an exisiting client to a group

  • The user enters into the Mifos system.
  • The user then searches for the client who needs to get added to a group.
  • From the list of search results, the user selects the required client name. (In the navigational UI prototype, click on the second search result John Anderson: ID 12380)
  • System displays the individual's client details page.
  • On the client details page, the user then clicks on "Edit meeting schedule/Group membership"
  • System displays the meeting schedule for the client.
  • User clicks on "Add group membership"
  • System displays the add group membership where the user can search for a group name.
  • User then clicks on search.
  • System displays the search results which are the groups present in the client's branch with statuses: partial application, pending approval, approved/active.
  • User clicks on a group name.
  • System displays a confirmation page for adding the client to the group.
  • Clicking on submit will add the client to the group.
  • At any point of time, clicking on Cancel, will return the user to the client details page without submitting any information.
  • System performs the following validations/actions: _ Ensures that the individual does not have an active loan. The state of the client's loan can be closed or cancelled. _ When a client is added to a group, necessary changes should be reflected in the group details page in sections such as
    • Clients Assigned
    • Performance History
  • Changes to the group will be reflected in the "due deposits for that group": If the group's mandatory savings acccount is calculated as "per individual" , the amounts are recalculated based on the new number of clients
  • The client will inherit the meeting schedule of the assigned group.
  • The client will inherit the loan officer of the assigned group.
  • Changes should be reflected on the change log
  • Permissions _ To access this feature, the user must have permissions for editing meeting schedule. _ Since this feature is inside edit meeting schedule, we could allow any user who has edit meeting permission to access this feature. * Otherwise a new permission will need to get added for "Add an existing client to a group" in the client management section under clients.

Additional Information

  • The group status should be upper than the client status means the following: _ If the client status is Approved/active or on hold, only groups with Approved/active status are displayed _ If the client status is pending approval, only groups with Approved/active or pending approval status are displayed * If the client status is partial application, groups with Approved/active, pending approval or partial application status are displayed