Removing Group Membership

Removing Group Membership

Date last updated: 23 Apr 2007 – Nesrine

UI Screens for this feature are available `here <>`_.

Test cases are available `here <>`_.

To view the screens, download and extract the zip folder, click on login.htm, and if your browser gives you a warning select "Accept blocked content". Click "Login" button, click on "admin" tab, and follow the user flow below.

Feature Overview

As a prelude to introducing a major functionality change to the Mifos system in terms of removing meeting requirements for MFIs which operate on a teller model, removing group membership is a step towards achieving that and vital for enabling an MFI to move a client out of a group.

Feature Summary

Prerequistes for Removing group membership

  • The individual should not be part of a group which has an active loan.
  • The individual should not be part of a group which has a loan in arrears.

User Flow: Removing Group membership

  • The user searches for the client for whom the group membership is to be removed.
  • From the list of search results, the user selects the required client name.
  • System displays the client details page.
  • On the client details page, the user then clicks on "Edit/Remove group membership"
  • System displays the edit group membership page.
  • User then clicks on the "Remove group memberhsip" link
  • System displays the remove group membership confirmation confirmation page.
  • On this page, the user is shown the assigned loan officer and has the option of selecting another loan officer, though this is not mandatory.
  • User also has an option for entering notes which will get reflected on the client details page.
  • Clicking on Submit, removes the group membership for the client and the user is taken to the Individual client details page.
  • The client details page that is shown is that for an individual who is not a part of a group.
  • System performs the following validations/actions: _ The client should not have an active loan. _ Performance history details on the group details page gets updated with the new number of clients in that group, averarge individual loan size and total loan portfolio. These fields will now be recalculated. _ Officer titles held for the particular group should be checked in case if the leaving memeber is a title holder. _ In fact, the system should be able to validate whether the person leaving the group is a title holder and in that alert the admin about the same. The title position will now be left empty. _ Validate if the group's mandatory savings acccount is calculated as "per client" and in that case recalculate the amounts based on the new number of clients. _ Changes to the group to be reflected in the "Make deposits/withdrawals page for that group". * If a note is entered, then this needs to be stored and get reflected in the Recent notes section on the client details page.
  • Permissions: * A new permission will need to get added under the client section for "Can remove clients from groups".

Alternate Flow:

Since The LO isn't mandatory when the client status isn't active, the LO drop down displays besides LO names, the value "select".

  • When removing group membership, if the user changes the LO, the system should perform the following validation step when submitting: * If the client status is active and no LO was assigned (LO = "select"), this error should be displayed in the remove group membership page: "The client status is active. Please select a LO"

Open Issues

  • What is the mechanism by which the client leaving the group will be able to withdraw their savings from a "per client" savings account of the group. Do we make this withdrawal as "Unspecified"