Mifos Domain


All content here and on related pages should be revised and updated as we all gain insight into the problem domain.


  • To provide an explanation of the value of the system that does not require an in-depth study of the model.
  • To help ease understanding of the Mifos application.
  • To provide one place where developers and domain experts can come.

Existing sources of information (at time of writing)

  1. Product features
  2. Functional Modules
  3. Functional specs

Domain Vision Statement

The Mifos domain is responsible for the microfinance transactions that occur between MFIs and their customers. It should reflect the business processes and practices of MFIs. It should easily allow MFIs to deal with provisioning of financial products with their customers and allow for the tracking of historical record of their customer activity.

Core Domain


A microfinance institution (MFI) is an organization that provides FinancialProduct's to poor customers.

The model currently doesn't represent the concept of Mfi but does allow for the modelling of an organization's OfficeHierarchy. Thus, multi-tenancy is currently not part of the model but different office hierarchies could be used to model multiple mfi on the one system.


  • Client
  • Group
  • Center

Domain model diagram (around Loan Account area)