QA Documentation -Mifos 2.x Archive

This page summarizes useful links on how to test Mifos.  

Functional Testing

Mifos functional testing focuses on executing test cases at a functional level via the browser.  The functional test cases are documented on mifosforge using the MIFOSTEST project for issues.  This set of test cases in mifosforge now supersedes previously documented test cases that were kept in Excel. 

Mifos Test Cases

Automated Acceptance testing

Performance Testing

Mifos scalability and performance testing has been performed by the Sungard team.  The objective of this testing is to ensure a single instance of Mifos can scale to 1 or 2 million clients. More details on the specific tests and results.

Test Data

Resources for Mifos Test Data

Release Testing


Checklists for preparing for Mifos product release: Mifos Release checklist

More information on testing release packages

Upgrade Testing

Mifos BI

Follow release plan for release.  For example, the BI 1.1 release plan.

When testing final package, follow Mifos BI Release checklist

Future Quality Improvements

Vision for future Quality improvements in Mifos

Mifos QA Technology Plan