Deprecating a Configuration property or Feature

When deprecating something in Mifos, the following steps should be followed generally:

Before Release / Previous Release

  • Send email to mifos-user list with description of what is being deprecated
  • Update documentation
    • FS
  • Hide in Mifos
    • If a feature, hide just in UI
    • If a config property, add comment to properties file, and update config guide documentation
  • Plan how customer will migrate to new option
    • Define user migration path to new functionality
    • If trapdoor setting is being deprecated will user get logging or other notification to remove custom property that's in use?
    • Scrub jira for any related issues, update with decision to deprecate.

Actual Release of Deprecation

  • Remove in release
    • Code in Application
    • Remove DB tables
    • Remove from default properties file
  • Update documentation
    • Upgrade Notes
    • Release Notes