Search & View Client, Group, Account Details

As a Loan Officer, this is the most essential feature one would require, an easy access to the client, group, loan, savings accounts details.

On this page:

Search for a Client

After logging in (See Login/Logout) successfully, you will be taken to the dashboard, where a search box is provided to search for existing clients, group and any type of account based on their Name or Account Number or External Id and you can also search Exact match. It will look like the following screen:

In order to search for a client, group or accounts, do the following:

  1. Enter into the search query either the Name or Account Number or External Id of the Client, Group or Account you wish to search for.

    Field Name (attribute)DescriptionExampleValidations (if applicable)
    Search BoxAn input area for the search of a client, group and accounts given the Name or Account Number or External IdClient Name : Smith RThis should not be NULL otherwise it shows you message "No Search Query Entered!"
  2. Before clicking on search. set your domain in which you want to search, click on top right spinner and select your domain. It can be Client, Group, Loan, Savings Accounts or you want to search in whole domain.

  3. Search Client : Enter client Name or External id and select the domain client from top right spinner and click on Search button.



  4. Click on any client to view his or her details. A sample client's information is shown below:

    Note: same as client you can search Group and Accounts. Enter Name or Account Number or External Id and select domain from top right spinner and hit search (smile). If you think It can be better or you got any bug please report on Github Issue tracker.

Key Error Messages

  • No Search Query Entered! - Shown when Search is clicked without entering a search query.