Building from source

  1. Note: Ensure you have npm installed - goto to download installer for your OS.

  2. Clone impact portal repository to your local file system 

  3. To download the dependencies, and be able to build, first install bower and grunt.

    npm install -g bower
    npm install -g grunt-cli
  4. Next pull the run time and build time dependencies by running bower and npm install commands on the project root folder

    bower install
    npm install 
  5. Adding associated tenants for each user.
    open users.txt file In the impact-portal/app folder using text editor.
    add associated tenants in JSON format.

    {"userName":"mifos", "tenants":[

    Save the file.

  6. Build the code for production deployment. Execute the following command on root folder

    grunt prod

  7. To preview the app, run the following command on the project root folder

    grunt serve
  8. Default username/password: mifos/password. select the server by adding server address as parameter in browser address bar.

    Example: baseApiUrl=https://localhost:8443&tenantIdentifier=default

    You are done.