Adding new datapoint to Mifos X backend

Adding new user report

Add a new report to the stretchy_report table in Mysql database. Please refer Mifos API documentation on how to add a new report. It can be found here

  • report name: what ever name you choose
  • report type: Table,
  • report sub-type: what ever name you choose(this name will be used in retrieving report data using http get request),
  • report category: Portal (make sure this is correct),
  • report sql: sql to retrieve data from mysql tables,
  • description: small description about datapoint.

After adding above details backend will cache those data automatically by running report in every midnight. 

Retrieving cached data from front end

For one report type data can be retrieved as follows:

Request should be made as,

GET https://DomainName/api/v1/client_impact_portal/<report_type>?reportName=<report_name>&tenantIdentifier=<tenant_identifier>&pretty=true

  • Latest Report : this will return latest report results that are cached in the database
    • report_type: LatestReport
  • Report By Date: this will return report result according to a specific date
    • report_type: reportByDate
    • reportDate: date should be specified as yyyy-mm-dd as a parameter in the url
  • Report By Date Range: this will return report results in the specific date range
    • report_type: reportByDateRange
    • reportStartDate: date should be specified as yyyy-mm-dd as a parameter in the url
    • reportEndDate: date should be specified as yyyy-mm-dd as a parameter in the url

Example requests:




Results will be come as JSON responses