Debugging issues on browser

This document provides details on how to debug Mifos X issues and report any issues to the developers. 

Debugging issue on Mozilla Firefox browser: 

Go to:-

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Click on the Firebug icon as shown in the screenshot below:

Step 4:

In the example shown below:

1) Click on the +(Plus) button to open the POST message

2) Click on the Response button.

3) Copy the developerMessage attribute. 

and send it to the Developer List at: or User List at: 

Debugging issue on Chrome browser: 

Step 1:

Right click on the browser window & click on "Inspect element". 

Step 2:

1) Click on the Console tab.

2) Click on the POST link.

Step 3:

1) Click on the error link (in red), as shown in the screenshot below:

Step 4: 

1) Copy the developerMessage attribute (shown below) and send it to the developer list: or user list: 

Note: Debugging is fairly simpler in Mozilla Firefox (using Firebug) than in Google Chrome.

In order to send and receive mails regarding issues, please register on either of the two lists below: 

Developer List:

User List: